Thursday, 12 August 2010

Amy Butler meets Kaffe Fassett in Wedding gift.

So the next project to get under way happens to be a wedding gift for a close friend. This quilt contains some personalised symbolism. Amy Butler's 'Love' fabric is simply stunning so it seemed an appropriate choice for a wedding quilt. The couple that are getting married are Christians so the pattern I chose to use is the 'Crosses Quilt' by Kaffe Fassett. I'm now deliberating over whether to use plain or patterned fabric for the border and backing. All suggestions gladly received!

There are more photos on flickr which show the fabrics in more detail. Kaffe and Amy - a match made in heaven?


  1. I just made a very busy Kaffe quilt and bordered it in a solid which looks fabulous. The red Amy Butler dot would look pretty too. I backed mine in a solid too which I am not that keen on - I think I prefer a pieced or printed backing. The quilt is fabulous and Butler and Fassett are a match made in heaven!

  2. Thanks for the input :) I'm thinking that I'll probably do solid border and plain backing with applique detail in the Butler fabrics. Still umming and ahhing yet though :)

  3. I wouldn't do a border- seems like the top is good on it's own. But whatever you decide, it will be lovely.

  4. I like the wedding gift its good that you shared I got an idea.

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  5. Yes these fabrics were perfect to put together and I still love this fab quilt - yay you - which reminds me I keep meaning to say that the brown dot on the pillow is one of my all time fave Kaffe prints.


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