Reversible Fat Quarter Apron - Free Pattern

Nellie’s Niceties Reversible Fat Quarter Apron Pattern

You will need: 2 Fat Quarters or equivalent size pieced fabric
                         2 – 5” strips of co-ordinating fabric cut from full width of fabric

1. To construct the waistband/tie, sew the 5” strips together at one short end to make a continuous piece. Press the seam open to reduce bulk in the waistband, then fold and press right sides together matching the raw edges as you go. Centre one of the fat quarters on the join of the waistband and mark the edges with a pin either side then set the fat quarter aside.  Sew a ¼” seam allowance down the short edge and along the long edge up to the pin marker on both sides. Turn right side out and press. Press a ¼” seam allowance into the unsewn section of the waistband. Top stitch close to the folded edge of the waistband to hold it in place, this will be the top of the waistband. (Picture shows finished waistband, at this stage you only need to topstitch the top edge.)

2. To make the apron place the fat quarters right sides together matching the raw edges. Pin and sew ¼” seam allowance down 2 sides and across bottom edge. Turn right side out and press. Pin across top matching raw edges as you go. Top stitch close to the edge around all four sides of the fat quarter, this completes the apron section.

3. To attach waistband to apron, fold apron in half matching sides together to find centre. Unfold the apron then line the centre of the apron up with the join in the waistband. Pin the apron into place in the unsewn section of the waistband between the 2 layers of the waistband, matching the top of the apron with the raw edge of the seam allowance. Top stitch close to the edge along the bottom edge of the waistband. The apron is now attached to the waistband.  Just to make extra sure sew another line of stitching on the portion of waistband above the apron. Finish off with a decorative stitch if you wish.
You can download the PDF version of this tutorial here.

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  1. Neat idea, another on my list to do once my cast comes off (running while looking over shoulder = fall and broken wrist).I can see a "peg bag" adaptation in there, out with pencil and paper.


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