Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Hi. My name is....

...Reene and I'm a fabricaholic!! This lovely lot of goodies arrived today :) The whole range of Prince Charming by Tula Pink, some Amy Butler, some solid cottons and linen, some Hope Valley by Denyse Schmidt and Avalon from Birch fabrics. Yep I definitely have a problem but hey nobody got hurt so it must be OK right?!

It's not only fabrics that caught my eye in recent days though! I saw this on flickr and HAD to have it!! Well today it arrived! Woohoo! This gorgeous cushion, which has been hand screen printed, was made by the very talented Karen of Blueberry Park.

Karen was my partner in round 10 of the Pillow Talk Swap. Here's a shot of the 2 cushions together.

My dilemma now is where it should live. Here next to it's relative or amongst the eclectic range of pillows below. Let me know what you think :)

In other news, I managed to finish my Brit Quilt swap mini quilt this afternoon but it was too murky to take photos so for now here's a close up of some of the quilting :)


  1. I would put it next to its relative because it is so beautiful it stands out more there. Once it has had its chance to shine then it can go mingle with the other lovely cushions and make friends.

  2. Great quilting :)

    Lovely fabrics on that table!

  3. Lovely fabrics! I must resist the urge to buy anything more.

  4. Oooooh! Love all the fabric on your table! Your Brit quilt looks great - can't wait to see more. Love the little cushion and think it should live with it's relative for a little while at least :)

  5. Ha ha, I rekon we should all be joining your fabraholic group - it would be one of the best going!


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