Wednesday, 25 January 2012

More swooning

There's still not a great deal going on around here but I have managed to finish a third block for Katy's Swoonalong.
I finally decided that I would go down the quilt-as-you-go route. I'm going to quilt the blocks but apply a backing after they're all quilted. I just can't get my head around piecing them all together when the backing is already in situ. I've gone for a very in your face pink Aurifil thread for the machine quilting.
Unusually for me, I've then done some hand quilting with co-ordinating perle threads. I found a new love for hand-quilting while making Katy's consolation cushion. Nothing fancy just straight-lines but I love the depth of texture it gives to the blocks.
I've done two blocks so far while watching crappy TV.
Today I have decided that I will only be making 4 blocks for this quilt, so I've only got one more to do! I am just too impatient to get on to other projects to stick at doing the full 9 blocks. The finished quilt will be going on our bed so there will be a large amount of sashing to make it fit :)

Just before I go I'm going to ask if any of you technical types know how to include a scanned pattern piece into a word document without it resizing. It's driving me slightly (more) mad so if any of you know how please share your knowledge with me :) Catch you soon x


  1. Have you formatted the scanned piece? Save the scan as a jpeg, insert into your word doc, choose 'format picture' from menu bar and then 'size', choose size and save. Hope that helps and nice quilting!

  2. I think 4 blocks is enough - and I saw that katy is thinking along the same lines too. love your blocks

  3. I love the blocks and quilting!
    And just what Kerry said (I have no idea!!). x

  4. How big are those Swoon blocks?

  5. Quilting is lovely R! I'm a techno-numpty so no clue I'm afraid. Jxo

  6. I don't have any advice for your technical issues, but as for making the 4 blocks fit your bed, I recommended to Katy that she put 4 blocks in a single line instead of the 2x2 layout. I said for her to put them in the center of the quilt, but for something that will be going on the bed you could put all 4 horizontally with narrow sashing in between each block, and you could lay them out so that the blocks would be near the foot of the bed. Just a thought :)


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