Friday, 27 September 2013

I'm really trying...............

.......very ...... hard .... to .... keep ... up!!
No - don't say it.  Really.  Don't.  Okay.  I'll say it then.  Before you do.  If you haven't already said it! 
 I am very trying.

I know I try hard not be, but somehow it just happens.

Anyway, I digress... again....  What I was saying was I just can't keep up, everything goes so fast. I feel like everyone else is on 'fast forward' and I'm just about avoiding the rewind button!  An example? On the rare occasions Ralph and I are working in the kitchen together (now that's a whole other story!!!) I just seem to stand there doing ... whatever... and Ralph is rushing around me doing his version of ... whatever... like a spinning top.  It makes me dizzy!!

Here's an analogy for you. A treadmill test.  Nothing to it? Yeah ok! A white knuckle ride if ever I had one. Hanging on to the bar, gritting your teeth, gasping for breath, jelly legs.  You get the picture? I thought I was in a marathon. (Me) Can .. you .. slow .. it .. down?  (Nurse) Errm  it wont go any slower. (Me) How .. long .. was .. it .. for?  (Nurse) Errm 28 seconds.  (Me) What the ...........??!!!

See what I mean? I can't keep up! 

So what started this ... rant?  Birthdays.  Of course.

First it was Ralph's, a year before a significant one.  So to remind him that next year we'd be going out for picnics and such like on a weekday, not just for weekends. I made him a patchwork picnic blanket. You know, to go in the car we've decided he's getting as a retirement present. :-)

Lovely Butterscotch and Rose by Fig Tree Quilts backed with an old picnic rug
and hand tied instead of quilting.
I've had the fabric a while and knew how I was going to make it up. I was just waiting for the right occasion. I used a pattern from Camille's book Simplify.  It took a charm pack and a honeybun and made up really quickly. I decided to add an extra border using up the off cuts from the honey bun.
Now, here's my question.  How did it happen?  How did we go from
to this ?
In what feels like the blink of an eye?
I kid you not, this is taken at the top of the drive of the house we are renting!!  I tell you if it turns up at the next house I shall be convinced the kids did it !!
And speaking of kids, that was the next birthday.  Oliver's 30th.  Now look, something is just plain wrong here.  I can remember distinctly what it felt like when I first snuggled him into my neck at a few minutes old!!  I don't need to tell you it was bliss do I? 
It seems like only yesterday that he was like this
and now he's like this
with his own precious little one,
Don't get me wrong I have loved walking alongside Ralph all these years and hope to do so for many more.  And I'm so proud of my kids and their partners and children, so very proud.  But, in my head I don't feel like I've lived all those thirty odd years.  I go to tremendous lengths to avoid looking in the mirror but once in a while.  Out of the corner of my eye.  I see.  Someone looking at me.  Who is that  woman staring back at me???   I've got that dress!!  Well, who'd have thought it?  It must be me!!!!   
Like I said.  It takes me a while to catch up! :-)
So, before I go, a quick update on Correne. She's doing ok, it's a slow process for her, healing.  She's still mostly on her bed, rather sore still and vertigo rears it's ugly head on too many occasions. But she's going in the right direction. Thankfully.
It was so kind of you to drop by and chat or should I say listen to my ramblings. I'd be pretty lonely here talking to myself if not for you.
Take good care of yourselves and happy sewing. Xxx



  1. I'm sure you're not really like the sign outside your drive. In fact blame the kids for being cheeky - why else would it be there :-)

  2. Oh that sign is cruelly positioned.... Lovely to hear from you again, best wishes to Reene too x

  3. Nanny, this made me laugh way too much! I promise we won't make a sign for you *grins evilly*

  4. Haha, nearly bust my stitches again reading this! I'm thinking I should get one of those signs to hang in the new car for Dad next year ;)

  5. I think the phrase is 'Time flies when you're having fun'. So I'm told anyway, things seem to be going at breakneck speed round here!

  6. You made me chuckle! Glad Reene is healing even if it is slow. Better to heal slowly and fully though. We miss her round these here parts.

  7. That sign made me laugh! Glad to hear Reene is on the mend

  8. You made me laugh. Do you think that one of those signs will spring up outside my house???? Di x

  9. good to here Correne is progressing and feeling a little better.
    You have had a rant! The picnic blanket I am sure will have plenty of use. like you I am older, retired 6 years now and when I look back wonder where the yeasr have gone, I am sure I would have done things differently but never mind what is done is done

  10. Oh! I so don't want one of those signs at my house, although it might be rather appropriate. My oldest just turned 31 and has two little ones of her own... and I too am left wondering how that happened. But enjoy the grands - they're the best. And best wishes to Reene for a speedy recovery.


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