Friday, 4 October 2013

Wedding Anniversaries and Quilts

Hello all! :)

It's Jess here, I thought I'd pop in to tell you about the goings on in the Nellie's Niceties world (I even have my own colour, fancy that!).

Yesterday was Reene and Simon's 15th wedding anniversary, which they kept repeating throughout the day because they couldn't believe it. Hehe. :D Here they are on their special day:
Please ignore the reflection, I haven't quite sussed out how to not have reflections in pictures! Yes that is a grumpy little me in the middle there. I really didn't like mum on the day of the wedding, as she didn't look like her!

Yvonne made a lovely scrapbook page for them. Isn't it pretty?!

I made them a card at last minute. Oops. Please don't judge my drawing ability, I inherited the non-drawing trait (that's a thing now, okay?) from mum!

Don't ask where their other arms are, I had enough trouble drawing the two! I think it looks like them a lot! They loved it so it was worth the effort. :)

Here's a sneaky hint of something to come from Yvonne:
Can you guess what it'll be? :)

On another note, Yvonne finished Reene's get well soon quilt. Just in time for autumn!

I tried being artsy, did it work? It goes perfectly with our d├ęcor downstairs, so mum is looking forward to snuggling up to it downstairs. :)

Sorry there isn't much wording in this post, I'm sure Yvonne would have had some elaborate story to go with it but I couldn't think of one, as I was only a young babby when they were married! I've had right trouble with blogger using the pictures, I'm not used to how this works!

Update on mum is that her nausea and dizziness has come back a bit worse, due to antibiotics she's taking. She's currently having a doze but hopefully she'll feel a bit better soon.

See you in the next post! x



  1. Lovely post:-) I'm not surprised they liked your card, non-drawing trait or not. The get well quilt looks fab!

  2. What a sweet photo - grumpy you and all! Congrats to R&S on 15 yrs chalked up! Hope you mum gets over the reaction to the meds soon and that she starts to feel normal again soon. Send her my love and best wishes.

  3. Big hugs to your Mum. Some antibiotics can make you feel wretched. I like your card and can see why the parentals did too. Congratulations to them both.


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