Sunday, 23 February 2014

Few words

After a busy week I'm a woman of few words. I may actually be trying not to nod off as I type this. Jess turned 17 this week! That makes me feel super old because that means we're a year away from landmark birthdays; 18 (Jess), 40 (Me) and 21 again (cough, Yvonne).  Where the heck does time go?

Anyway, I've been doing lots of sewing this week with deadlines fast approaching so I've tired myself out good and proper. I finished the FUCancer quilt for my lovely friend.
Front of FUCancer quilt

Rear of FUCancer quilt
Quilted in chevrons with grey Aurifil thread, then washed and tumbled to get the crinkle going :) It is lovely and snuggly so as long as the recipient doesn't have a migraine this should be just right for comforting her on crap days.
I've also been working on another hand sewing project, Diamonds, kites and stars revisited :) I'm going to try and get it finished in time to enter the Pantone Quilt Challenge...
Sewline glue basting for the win! So speedy and I may have converted a few ladies to glue basting yesterday at EMMQG :) Well that's all I can muster for today. I hope you're all safe and well. Catch you soon x


  1. I think all this rain has washed my energy away, so less is more as far as I am concerned right now.
    Great finish for your friend xxx

  2. Fab quilt, although I see what you mean about the headache inducing qualities ;o)

  3. It wasn't too bad when Shannon turned 18! It's her going off to uni in September that has me fretting! Well done on your fab finish! Jxo

  4. you youngsters, my grandaughter turns 16 in april. A lovely quilt and such a worthwhile cause I am sure it will be greatly appreciated.and loved

  5. Love the quilt and if she has a headache she can turn it over ;o)

    I hadn't realised it as Jess' birthday - please pass on my belated birthday wishes! Have I missed the photos of the cake her aunt was making?!


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