Thursday, 11 November 2010

Look what I got...

In the post this morning I received a fabulous pressie in the form of my Scrappy Hoop swap item. I am so lucky to have been partnered with the fantastic Jamie (maricopafabrics) who clearly read my mind when preparing her hoop for me!!

The light is so poor at the moment for photo taking so you can't really see the beauty of the colours but take it from me they are gorgeous! I'm already mulling over where to hang it this Christmas. Have you ever seen such a stylish wreath? Seriously lucky me!


  1. Oh how wonderful! She is so talented. You are having a great time in the swaps!

  2. I am having a great time in the flickr swaps! I have been really blessed with fabulous partners!

  3. Ooh it's lovely. Can't wait to meet the birdies in person! :)


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