Friday, 5 November 2010

This may take some time

I've definitely confirmed that I am not of sound mind :) I saw this amazing quilt on flickr and thought "Wow". On closer inspection this fabulous quilt is crocheted! I completely love it so in my 'wisdom' I've decided to make one. I searched the internet for a pattern and came upon this one, called the Babette blanket, which is fairly similar. Now, I am relatively new to crochet and this is a mammoth task so I've decided to let my online friends know that I'm going to tackle this project so that I have proper motivation to keep going and not assign this project to a dusty corner. I've done one very large square and 2 little ones so far, only 123 squares to go :)

I've also joined another swap on flickr called My favourite little quilt swap hosted by Kendra. I've made a start on a little woodland scene for my offering. Not sure how it will look when it's finished yet but hopefully someone will like it. Here's a rather dodgy taster pic.


  1. Well done to you for taking on such a big project! The first three squares look great. I'd like mine in shades of pink please, I'm prepared to wait until I'm seventy five but no longer! ok? :) Love the little woodland scene,it's so cute. Great idea it will be fun seeing it take shape.

  2. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I've just started crochet too - but I'm not ready to take on a project on such a grand scale - well done!

  3. I'm infamous for trying to run before I can walk... hopefully this one won't trip me up :)

  4. HI! I came across your blog via Blue Elephant Stitches... I loved your work on the little quilt! I am sure I have seen this crochet/quilt and pattern in a Better Homes and Garden's magazine, I fell in love too. Just gorgeous. Goodluck with this project! x


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