Sunday, 13 March 2011

Questioning my sanity

Every so often my mad have-a-go attitude causes me to question my sanity. This weekend has been a perfect example. Last night, after a productive day of bee block making, I was perusing some patchwork books. I have an unhealthy obsession with Lone Star style quilts and although I appreciate there must be a mammoth amount of work involved in them I always think "I could do that, how hard can it be?". I have always talked myself out of it quite easily - too much work involved, too much fabric, you'll get bored etc. However, last night I had a lapse in sanity and launched myself into cutting out diamonds!!!

Typically for me I chopped away until closer scrutiny of the pattern led me to realise that I don't have anywhere near enough fabric to make this monster Not-So Lonestar quilt by Kaffe Fassett. Much hasty online fabric buying ensued late last night and thankfully I was able to order all the extras that I need. I'm using Innocent Crush by Anna Maria Horner and Soul Blossoms by Amy Butler so they are quite readily available over here now, phew!

I cut up as much fabric as my impatience will allow so that I could start putting a block together. The scale of this project has now struck me and frankly I'm terrified! This first diamond shape is around 30", I haven't measured it but it's way bigger than my 24" ruler. There will be 8 of these! It's going to be a mammoth task and I'm already thinking this will be one for the long-arm quilters, no way am I tackling this one!

So friends, I'll bid you farewell before the men in white coats batter the door down ;)


  1. Lol. I won't let the men in white coats take you away, don't worry! Yes, it is a big project. But you don't have to finish it next week do you? Just enjoy the process, ok? It's going to be fantastic. A real heirloom and one to be very proud of. :)

  2. wow, thats some size! Good for you for just getting stuck into it though, too much thinking about it before hand can be very off putting. And really, once you've started its just one wee section, then another... Good luck, and just dont think about the overall size/quantity!

  3. LOVE that pattern! And those fabrics will be amazing!

  4. Thanks all :) It's going to be a mammoth task. Don't expect a finish anytime soon :)

  5. Can you share which of his books this is in? Thanks.

    1. It's in his Simple Shapes Spectacular Quilts book. :)


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