Monday, 28 November 2011

Larking around and Cool Britannia

Today I put into motion a bit of sewing for me again, I know I should be slaving away at the Christmas Makes list but I'm always so easily distracted! Since receiving the very beautiful Lark by Amy Butler I have been mulling over ideas for using it. Here's one of them that I've very unimaginatively named 'Larking Around'. I've been meaning to make something with equilateral triangles for ages, this will be a quilt eventually :) Excuse the extremely hideous floral ironing-board.
After establishing that I could accurately piece the triangles I thought I'd better get to work on crossing something else off the Christmas makes list. I've done my take on Lynne's Double Fat Jack, Cool Britannia; this will be another man gift. Loving all that Echino :) I'm not sure yet whether it will be a monster cushion or a wall-hanging. Hubby tells me that it's far too cool for the intended recipient but I'm not for turning ;-)

Catch you soon x


  1. Ooooh loving that double fat cool britania! It's very cool. I won't mention again that you made me want to buy Lark and so I have...but you did ;-)

  2. So glad you pointed out that was the ironing board, I thought you had lost the plot!
    Definitely too cool for the intended recipient, unless it is intended for me!

  3. Love those hexies and the DFJ is super cool - great gift idea! jxo

  4. That is perfect fabric for the Jack - as I spent time yesterday making a mugrug Jack I well appreciate the your cutting to have the triangles show up the designs the right way up!!

  5. Love the hexies and the double fat jack - the ironing board cover...not so much!!

  6. I'm with Hadley, I couldn't work out why you had put that floral fabric in your quilt, I should have seen it was an ironing board! love the fat jack


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