Sunday, 29 April 2012


I've been admiring Lynne's graphic drawings ever since she started playing with Touch Draw. I bought the Touch Draw app a little while ago and frankly didn't understand why Lynne thought it was so easy to use! I could not get to grips with it at all. Part of that is probably my inability to read instructions before trying things out! Anyway when Lynne promised to do some tutorials on her blog I figured it was worth following them to see if I could grasp the concept well enough to make it use of it myself. I'm happy to report that it appears I'm not totally inept after all!! Here's my first quilt design using Touch Draw!
 When we were house hunting on Friday one of the houses had this fantastic Victorian tiled hallway! "Ooo that'd make a great quilt, take a photo!" I said to hubby. I see more blocks coming from this inspiration photo but I think for a first go with Touch Draw it's not bad!
I'm planning on using feature fabrics in the centre of each block for a bit interest so it should be fun to put together. I might even post a little tutorial for the block construction if anyone's interested!
Catch you soon x


  1. Oooh clever, I think I once lived in a house with that tiling!

  2. I would defintely be interested: what a great pattern

  3. I love that floor!! And, of course, your quilt design!


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