Thursday, 20 June 2013

Awesome mail

Today the postie delivered some awesome mail. Take a look at the most perfect Fat Quarterly Retreat name tag ever!
Joanne has beautifully and faithfully reproduced my fabric likeness. Check out those teeny-tiny stitches!
 The piecing on this gorgeous feather is jaw-dropping!
Who'd have thought someone who's never met me could make something so perfectly me?! Thanks again Joanne, I absolutely love it! Catch you soon xx


  1. ha! I've just commented on joanne's blog that this should better be for me! Congrats, reene!

  2. Wow! That's your twin right there! Jxo

  3. That is a wee work of art!!! Lucky you!

  4. Sooo excited to see it in person xxx

  5. What a fantastic name tag! Absolutely brill!

  6. That's just fabulous! I'm only just starting on making mine so I hope I can do it equal justice for my partner. Can't wait to get my tag either!


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