Sunday, 2 June 2013

I Simply Remember My Favourite Things......

.......and then I don't feel so bad.  No wait, please don't run away!  Come back! I promise I'm not going to subject you to my singing!!  We have decided as a family that I don't need a sore throat or a head cold to sound like Lee Marvin singing 'I was born under a wandering star'!! I'm sure Correne would be happy to elaborate if you asked her.  My lips are sealed!

I would chase after you to stop you running away but I'm afraid my walking stick would trip me up. It has a tendency to do that even when I'm walking.  I do use a stick you know, I even have a photo to prove it.

See? I'm the one on the right in pink in case you wondered.  Don't ask me how I walked in those shoes I have no idea.  I can only say that it must have been a gift from God to allow me to look a little glamorous for my dear son's wedding to his soul mate. I'm very thankful too. :) And Correne's shoes were even higher believe me.

Anyway, I digress.  For those of you who haven't run away.  As I was sitting sewing this morning I was thinking how therapeutic I find hand sewing.  Somehow, the regular rhythm of the needle soothes me and I can feel my shoulders moving down from somewhere near my ears to their rightful place. 

I love to hand quilt and a little hand embroidery or beading and such like.  I even started hand sewing my Farmers Wife Quilt blocks.  Unfortunately, they have been relegated to the WIP/UFO box but that's a whole other story!

Far and away my most favourite hand sewing of choice would have to be the hexie.  Was that a cheer I heard?  :)  I have spent many happy hours these last couple of years sewing little hexagons and making them into various items and I don't seem to get bored with them.  I do need a change occasionally but am always happy to go back to them after a little break.

So, I thought that, now I seem to have cracked the - photograph in the right place  nonsense - (generally), I'd inflict a few more pictures on you of the 'things wot I have made'.  you know, in the spirit of friendship and all that? :)

          Ok, so the birdie isn't a made of hexies but, in my defence, he was made by hand! Pretty Liberty lawn hexie wreaths given as presentsfor Christmas tree decorations.
Hmmm, there was I thinking I was so clever.  I can't turn this picture round so you'll have to lie down on your side to look at it!  I  love Aneela Hoey's designs and had such a lot of fun making Christmas presents with her Walk in the Woods fabrics.  I cut out two fabric hexies, one 1/4inch smaller all round than the other and sandwiched a piece of batting between the two pieces and then folded the bigger one over and sewed it down. This little bowl is sitting on the shelf in Correne's new sewing room now. :)
Some might say I completely ruined a nice wall hanging by adding Sun Bonnet Sue to it but I thought it was cute.  Fortunately, as it was for her, so did Seraphina, my nephew's little girl (the lucky recipient of Correne's amazing Red Riding Hood cape) .
Not many more to go now. I promise.  This is my latest finish and I love it. Fig Tree's Strawberry Fields fabrics and Osnaburg background using Katie's Hexy MF Quilt design (which I keep getting completely wrong and calling a Hexy FM Quilt)!!  I blame my age, of course.
Sorry, I love it so much I had to put it in twice.  I think it looks fab on the green leather chair. And no, I'm not usually in the habit of putting flower vases on the floor to get knocked over by the next numpty who walks by.  It's my attempt at an 'arty' photo!! No?

Talking of being a numpty, we were viewing a pretty old cottage the other weekend and I was so busy looking out of the window at the garden I put my foot in the dog's water bowl and turned it upside down. I tell you, I shouldn't be let out! They were very nice about it, even when I used up all of their kitchen towel mopping the water up off the floor. :)
Last one. Hey, who said hooray, put the flags out?  This is my current project using Brenda Riddle's Pastel Floral Collection of fabrics for Lecien and my interpretation of a pattern by Dorothy Kinsley Wray.  I haven't decided on the background fabrics yet.  Definitely not white. The white you can see is my 'design wall'.  Yes, it's ok you can snort, it's allowed, I did too as I wrote it - it's just a white flannel sheet. Effective though and saves me scrabbling round on the floor when I need to see a project laid out. It's too far down for me now and makes me totally inelegant when I try to get back up again.

Well folks, if you've stayed with me so far you deserve a medal.  Thank you so much for putting up with me I really do appreciate it. I'd love to know which part of sewing is therapeutic and relaxing for you.  Hope you had a great weekend.  Happy sewing.  Yvonne Xxx


  1. sounds as if you should be confined to barracks!! lol
    I so know what you mean about the hand sewing ... I find it so theraputic... my mind leaves my fingers to get on with it and I can relax xx
    wonderful projects x

  2. It is terribly kind of you to mop the floor of someone elses kitchen.

    Your projects are beautiful.

  3. What lovely projects and great legs! You look very glam you know.

  4. Therapeutic and relaxing? Erm... I sew at a breakneck speed with a machine, because by the time I'm done with work for the day and making dinner, and going to exercise classes I don't have time for hand sewing (unless I wish my project to take a year or so!) It does help me de-stress beautifully from work though, especially rotary cutting... *ahem*

  5. I love hexies, and yours all look might fine, as did you in your wedding heels. Trust me I would need a full-on zimmer to walk in those! xxx

  6. So glad you haven't lost your sense of humour Y! Hilarious post! You are on a hexie roll! All beautiful! Jxo

  7. Look at you in those heels. I would have needed 2 sticks to walk in those shoes. Go Y! Your hexies are beautiful and as I have a mini from you hanging on my wall I

  8. ....(got cut off there)... I know that your piecing is perfect. Di x

  9. I'm with you on the hand-sewing. I think it's good for my soul. I love everything you've made and you look very gleam with your stick x

  10. Laughed my way down the post, thank you! I am slowly working on Katy's Hexy MF too, I am determined to do the whole will take a while for sure.

  11. Don't you look glamorous?!! This post made me chuckle so many times and I had tears in my eyes when I read the bit about the dog bowl - it's just the sort of thing I'd do! (And do do in my own house - it's amazing just how often you can drop something and it lands in a bowl of water.) Your Hexy FM is gorgeous, as are all your other makes! Well done on cracking the photo placement and keep smiling xx

  12. Both posts had me smiling all the way through you loon!


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