Sunday, 28 September 2014

Naughts and crosses

This week has passed by in a cloud of germs that were not conducive to anything more productive than sleeping. I have a pile of deadline sewing that is screaming at me from the sewing room but that door will remain firmly shut for a little while longer. Despite having nothing recent to show you I can share some sewing that I did a lot earlier this year :)
When Denyse Schmidt released her Ansonia collection I couldn't wait to get busy with it. I played around with TouchDraw and came up with a simple but effective design to show it off - Granny Crosses. I used the pinks and blues from Ansonia along with black yarn dyed Essex linen as the background fabric and I love the way it looks. It just screams snuggly at me :)
The pattern for the quilt and cushion is available in Issue 3 of Quilt Now so I can't show the construction but it is a very simple, single block used in rotation which seems to be my trademark these days.
Issue 3 looks like this and you'll find lots of other lovely projects between the pages. The cover quilt is by the lovely Lynne!
Of course my Block of the Month is in there too. This month readers get the first hint of how the Medallion quilt will go together. It's been lovely to see some people sewing along with me - particularly Sarah and Yvonne :)
There's also the free project tutorial for this month's BOM, Wall Art, which is live on the Quilt Now website.
I've run out of steam, so for now I'm back to resting up ready to attack the sewing room tomorrow. I hope you're lurgy-free wherever you are. Catch you soon x


  1. Hope you are better and raring to go in the morning. Your cross granny quilt as I misnamed it talking to my hubby is a lovely one, and I quite like the name cross granny!

  2. Ohh this was one of my favourite patterns in the new issue, I can't wait to find an excuse to make it!!

    1. Thank you very much :) I'd love to see your version if you ever find the excuse to make one :)
      It appears that you are a no-reply blogger hence the reply here just in case you weren't aware :)

  3. I love that quilt! Feel better soon!

    P.S. After reading Sarah's comment I'm now thinking 'narky old woman' could be a good name for a quilt ;o)

  4. Aw chick, hope you feel better soon. It's been going around here too! Love your quilt, I especially like the black EL! Take care, Jxo

  5. wishing you a speedy recovery and getting back to your stitching. Not heard of touch draw so off now to investigate!

  6. Hope you feel better soon. Love your quilt - great design :-)

  7. I love these colours, and as always your stitching looks perfect. Hope you are all feeling better. x

  8. Feel better soon! I've finished sewing my commitments tonight, but I have 3 patterns to write up in the evenings after work before I go away for the Brit Bee Weekender on Friday morning - eek!


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