Tuesday, 2 September 2014


It might have taken me over a week but I've finally summoned up the motivation to share the new addition to our sewing machine family! We found this beauty in one of local charity shops and there was no way we were leaving without her!
A slightly scuffed case but it hides a beauty! A Singer 201K hand-crank sewing machine with a couple of tiny scratches in the base plate but she is pristine other than that. A quick google of the identification number revealed that she hails from 1951.
This view from above shows the electric light that is fixed to the machine at the back. I haven't been brave enough to plug the light in to one of our lamps yet...maybe one day.
Amazingly the accessories are all there in their box and virtually unused, complete with the instruction manuals and original Singer needles. We really hit the jackpot!
I couldn't resist threading her up and having a go. Zero adjustments and perfectly even stitches first go! Delighted doesn't come close to describing it.
The only down-side is that Jess loves her too and given the state of my sewing room there is no room for another machine so this beauty will be finding a home in Jess' room. In fairness I'm sure that Jess will use this machine frequently whereas I would just enjoy looking at her. Yvonne was slightly disappointed that this wasn't her birthday present but she did a good impression of being thrilled with the tote bag I made her instead ;)
The pattern for this simple tote will be in an Intrepid Thread newsletter soon. I'm off to write more patterns now so that I can get back on with the fun stuff and actual sewing! Catch you soon x


  1. lovely find! She looks gorgeous.

  2. What a fabulous find! I have a 1963 201k and love her to bits. She helped me mend a much chewed dog lead today :)

  3. One day I will stumble upon one of these beautifies when I have the spare funds to buy it. Hope Jess uses it lots.

  4. Oooh, fab find! No wonder your mum was a tad disappointed ;o)

  5. I never find good buys like this, my daughter Helen has inherited a hand singer though, do want to have a go but she thinks it is just for looking at, don`t think she has ever used a machine and has no interest in one at all so must try and smuggle it out of her house and have a go on it

  6. Just gorgeous. The first sewing machine I ever used back in my school days was a hand turning kind. x


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