Saturday, 6 December 2014

The Doris project bag

I've been on a bag making spree since I was last here. The yarn project bag that I made to keep everything tidy sparked a major obsession that my Instagram friends can attest to! I just don't seem to be able to stop making them. I've adapted the design since my original version was only ever intended to be used at home, the bag now has an optional carry strap and an additional exterior pocket with a zip making it a very useful everyday bag :) I've also christened this design the "Doris project bag". I had a very beloved great aunt named Doris and she and I shared an unhealthy obsession with plastic bags. Given that I designed this bag to replace an exceptionally ugly plastic bag it seemed only fitting to call it Doris and it makes me smile every time I think I about it. I'd like to think that I would have been able to persuade her to use one of these bags in the place of a plastic bag :)
left hand bag version 2, right hand bag original version
Yvonne has earmarked the bag on the left as her Christmas present. I think there would be major sulking if it didn't show up in her Christmas stocking, it's Lecien Flower Sugar and Pam Kitty Picnic heaven ;)

I've made a rather special version of this bag using some long hoarded Tula Pink fabric. I've decided to sell this one but rest assured it if it's still in the Etsy store by Christmas Eve it won't be leaving our house. There is a certain teenager with her fingers firmly crossed...
Front of Nightshade Doris bag
 Tula Pink is just a genius designer!
Back of Nightshade Doris bag
Nice and roomy in there for lots of stuff, not just yarn!
I'm currently whipping up 2 more bags, one for a Christmas present and the other for the Sew Mama Sew giveaway which starts on Monday 8th December. I've also been hard at work writing a very detailed pattern for the Doris project bag. It is not easy writing a detailed bag pattern, I totally admire people like Katy and Sara who do this on a regular basis! I've got a friend testing the pattern for me and it will be available very soon in our Etsy shop. The PDF pattern is now available as an instant download in our Payhip store and our Etsy store for £7.00.

Right, now to get off my backside and get sewing! If you fancy the chance at winning a Doris bag of your own you might want to check back on Monday :) Catch you soon x


  1. These bags are just gorgeous, and I will absolutely be back next week to cross my fingers and toes for one. x

  2. These are fab and much though I'm rooting for the teenager I'm not thinking her chances are good!

  3. Love these. You really cannot let the lovely Yvonne sulk at Christmas, make sure Santa delivers it for her!

  4. gotta love a bag ... sure Santa will be happy to deliver xx lol x

  5. Love the Doris bag, they look really roomy! My bag patterns are pages long!! I feel your pain! Jxo

  6. These are so cool. I didn't twig it was your pattern. Good luck with the pattern writing!

  7. Love the Doris bag...nice and roomy...would even be great for a Grandma Bag for toys and such to take with her to vist kids....

  8. Well you know I have a dad with a bag obsession, so that helps ;o) That and the years of maths classes and technical documents and program writing, it's amazing the things that are cross functional! Seriously though, I find that creating a template I can work from is a great basis - magazines want certain layouts, I like a slightly different layout of my own, but either way the basics are the same, and copy/paste is your friend. Yes, I actually have a library of paragraphs explaining how to do things. My inner nerd is happy to have got that out there, the rest of me not so much ;o)

    Anyway, good luck with the writing, and good luck to the teenager's fingers ;o)

  9. I'll be checking back later for sure- I think this would be great for bringing all of my stuff to EMMQG meetings! More than happy to put my name down as back-up pattern tester too ;)


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