Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Please help if you can...

You may remember I mentioned a bloggy friend, on September 11th, who has lost a beloved member of her family. Well if you are willing and able, you have the chance to help this lovely family in their time of need. I've copied this post in its entirety from The Scrappy Appleyard blog. Thanks in advance to those of you that read on and follow up :) Here are some shots of blocks I made this afternoon if you need some inspiration.
The below is going to have a sash added to it to make it up to the right size.
Blocks Needed for Grieving Family
I've never been good at asking for help....
but I'm going to on this one.
I know the heart of quilters....
I am going to put together quilts for Tory, Chris' Mom
his two brothers and one for the
soldier who was his best friend
and who fought right alongside Chris...
and was
when he took his last breath.
I'm going to do the quilts in a muted red, white and blue
And I thought 'Star' blocks would be so appropriate
in this situation.
I would so appreciate any of you who
would like to help me in this endeavor.
I need 8" blocks
(Finished Size of Block to be 8 1/2")
and when I say muted...
the best way to describe it...
is kind of like the Minnick and Simpson fabrics
that are always designed for Moda.
(They don't have to be Minnick and Simpson though!!)

We would be so grateful for any!

I would so appreciate it too,
if any of you would like to copy this post on your blog.
I'm hoping Tory will help me sew them all together
to help her in her grieving.
I'm also going to try to get a local group
together to help out as well,
when all of the blocks are received.
If at all possible we need the blocks by end of October.
You may send them to:
The Scrappy Appleyard
3218 Knobview Drive
Nashville, TN 37214
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
You all will never know how much your comments, prayers
and thoughts have helped us to get through this tragedy.
May God bless you all...


  1. I would love to help. Can you maybe put a fabric stack together and make some sample blocks so I know what you're looking for?

  2. Thank you so much Reene. Madam Sam informed me that the tutorial on her blog was for 12 1/2" blocks...so we are accepting those too! A big hug!


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