Saturday, 17 March 2012

Last chance and one for the ladies

First things first, I'm not going to apologise for reminding you that our Charity quilt auction for Japan ends tomorrow. Thank you very much to the lovely folk that have bid so far! Here's a pic of the quilts side by side...not too shabby even if I do say so myself ;)
This week I took delivery of a 30yd roll of heirloom batting; there's no way I can hide that purchase from hubby it's huge! I got fed up of buying packs of batting every 5 minutes only to discover they're not quite big enough for my finished....insert project here... so I bit the bullet and splashed out and am hoping that it will be the economical option in the long run. It has already been put to good use in the making of a cot bumper for my gorgeous nephew. I'll upload some pictures eventually.
While I was super-sizing my orders I bought an industrial cutting mat too. It's 23" by 35" I think and is fab! I'm thinking I might need to get a bigger ruler now ;)
Today I spent my afternoon writing a strongly worded letter/book to my MP, after which I felt the need to have a little fabric therapy and now that I have a huge roll of batting there's no excuse not to start another quilt. Luckily for me most of the blocks have already been made by the lovely ladies of the Fresh Modern Bee 2. I've given up hope of receiving a couple of the blocks but I've got a fantastic selection to be going on with! This evening I've started playing around with a potential layout and have made a few of the signature blocks to be included somewhere in the mix. You'll find better close-up shots of the gorgeous blocks I received here.
I'm really excited about putting this one together. I'd almost forgotten how much I love Hope Valley! I'll hopefully have more progress to show you soon in better light. I'll be back tomorrow some time to let you know the results of our auction. Catch you soon x


  1. Ohh look at all those lovely blocks. Looking forward to seeing what you do with them.

  2. I have a big ma like that too - it really makes life so much easier cutting fabrics. Hope you enjoy.

    As you know Judith and I co-ordinate the Bee Blessed group and we are always keeping an eye out for wadding. Would you mind if I asked where you were able to source your large roll?

  3. I love your blocks! When I saw them I thought 'Oh, that lovely triangle block looks like a Goldsworthy special, I wonder who made it' and then I went to Flickr and realised Lynne did!! I love the idea of a whole roll of wadding - I think Archie would sleep on it though! Hope the MP responds to your letter and gets things sorted out!

  4. Love the blocks and I also have a large roll of wadding, I love just going and cutting what I need and not having to wait for delivery etc.

  5. Lovely blocks you have in that last picture! Can't wait to see how you finally put them all together. ;)


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