Thursday, 8 March 2012

OCD overload

I have had a couple of days of OCD overload trying to fix on the layout for Angela's quilt. Today I had to grit my teeth and accept that the world would not end if 2 prints of the same type were right next to each other! The result is a finished top of about 36" by 48". Even with a bit of photo manipulation the colours are still way out but I'm hoping you'll get the gist of it from this shot. Hopefully I'll get a better shot of the colours tomorrow in the daylight.
Now for the usual trauma of deciding on how to quilt this....Catch you soon x


  1. Look at all those perfect points!!

  2. I can't believe how lucky I am!! It looks amazing :)
    Sorry, I'm completely clueless about quilting.

  3. Ooh I know what you mean tho, I can get stupidly uptight about trying to get no two bits the same together... Deep breath, it looks lovely!!

  4. It's gorgeous! I usually have the same 'no two like fabrics touching' dilemma but sometimes you just have to ignore it and (eventually!) go with the flow!


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