Monday, 19 March 2012

Waffling on

I'm feeling rather waffly today so please excuse the state of this post. I'll start by saying a huge thank you to Angela (Wandafish) and Leanne, who were the successful bidders on our charity quilts. Thanks also to the other bidders that took part, they helped us raise £67 for International Rescue Committee.
This morning a rather lovely package fell through my door; the first installment of my Flea Market Fancy revisited stash, whoop!
While I had the camera out I took a few shots of the cot bumper I made for Mackinlay. I used a Hideaway fat quarter set that Jade bought before Mackinlay arrived :)
It's a really pretty range which had more or less escaped my attention for some unknown reason. I've used a few layers of batting so it should keep Mackinlay's head safe from bumps :)
I got to try out my new Frixion pens for drawing the quilting grid and have been absolutely delighted with how well they vanish on ironing! I quilted with the fab variegated Aurifil thread that Kerry sent me for my Swoon Quilt. I'll have to get Jade to take some photos of the bumper in situ so we can see how cute it looks in the cot.
I've done a bit more playing with my Bee blocks today. I started off by framing the signature blocks from the ladies of the FMB2.
Then I got down to the wonderful business of improv piecing for a change! I really love the whole process of cutting, sewing, cutting, sewing etc according to how things are looking rather than being guided by block size.
I'm still muddling around with the blocks but it's starting to come together in my head. Hopefully progress should be quite quick now I have an idea of where I'm going with it. I might even manage to get some daytime shots of it so you can see the colours properly!
Hope all is good wherever you are. Catch you soon x


  1. Isn't FMF the best!!?
    Love the bumper and the Bee quilt in progress. Well done on the charity quilts too x

  2. Love the bumper, and your bee quilt is really looking lovely :-)

  3. Bumper looks great and ohh the bee block with mine in middle of all those signatures. Looking fwd to seeing it come together .

  4. Love the cot bumper and how your bee quilt is progressing!

  5. Your bee quilt is looking fab and I LOVE the cot bumper. As I just said on Hadley's post I really didn't think FMF was coming out until April so I seem to have missed the prints I wanted the most.


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