Wednesday, 16 May 2012


Today was the deadline for International posting in the Fab Little Pincushion Swap (FLiPS) so I had to pull my finger out and get my offering finished, packed and posted! I've been rather distracted since I joined the swap with all the nonsense that goes with trying to move house so it was a bit of a last minute hurrah. I'm hoping my partner won't be too despondent when they receive their package from me.  I'll show you a few peeks of detail.
Machine embroidery on the herringbone

Hand-Stitchy detail on the back.
 The pincushion turned out to be far less wow than I'd hoped so I stitched up a last minute Zakka style pouch to go with it. Don't get me wrong, I think the pincushion is cute, it's just not as fabulous as some of the other creations in the group. Take a look and you'll see what I mean!!
Pincushion with last minute Zakka pouch
I've seen the Zakka pouch everywhere in blogland so figured it couldn't be that hard to make. Thankfully the pouch was as easy as everybody said it would be to make and it houses a few treats for the recipient which I'm leaving to your imagination so the recipient gets a surprise ;)

In other news the Peak Hour strip quilt reached it's secret destination yesterday! Justine had a gorgeous baby boy a short while ago and I wanted to send a little something for him. Here's a cute photo that Justine uploaded for me to see him with his quilt in action. Serious cuteness! Catch you soon x


  1. I love your pincushion and the accompanying pouch and I'm sure your partner will be chuffed to bits when she/he opens it!
    And the baby quilt (and the baby!) are so gorgeous!

  2. I think your partner will be very happy, and Hunter is a lucky boy x

  3. Great pinnie and pouch. I'm sure your partner will love it. I know I would. And isn't that a fab pic of Hunter and that colourful quilt. So nice seeing something you've made in use!


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