Saturday, 5 May 2012

Happy, happy!

Today I turned the Tile block in to a rather lovely cushion :) LOVE!!
Happy cushion :) 
 I did some basic straight line quilting on the machine to fix everything in place, then added some hand stitching in a vivid red Perle 8.
Close-up of quilting
I used another of the Ruby Star Shining prints for the back of the cushion. I just love this range. Melody Miller seems incapable of designing a crap range which is great news for us :) I used 2 different coloured buttons for the closure which goes against the grain of my normal need for symmetry but I think it works here.

Obviously I need a new cushion like a hole in the head but what can I tell you? I just love cushions ;) Catch you soon x


  1. Oh it looks fantastic - very cool x

  2. As soon as I saw that block, I thought that's begging out to be turned into a cushion!

  3. A girl can never have too many cushions (or bags!). Fabulous! Jxo

  4. Brilliant make. It will make you smile every day. I like the hand stitching too. Di x

  5. Nobody can ever have too many cushions! And this one looks amazing

  6. It is a happy cushion, love it.

  7. Supercool cushion! (and we can never have enough of them either!)


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