Sunday, 13 May 2012

This weekend

The postie heralded a fabulous start to the weekend with this gorgeous Fat Eighth Stack of Mama Said Sew by Sweetwater!!! I'm ridiculously excited to have got my hands on this before the general release later this summer. Thanks to Jane of Want it, Need it, Quilt for super speedy despatch from Australia. I already have 2 plans in mind for this yummy line and as soon as I finish my commitments for the Siblings Together initiative I will be making something for me with it :) 
What's not to love about Mama Said Sew?
I finished up my last quilt for Siblings Together this afternoon! Woot! True to form it was too sunny outside to get a decent picture after weeks of being too wet to get a decent picture.
At least you can see the quilting.
I headed indoors to get a shot but that's not great either, sorry. I'm hoping that when we move Lynne will be my new quilt stylist and photographer...
Teen boy quilt finished size 50" by 70"
 I used some of my stash of Summersville to bind this one and backed it with the trusty text fabric from Ikea. I managed to forget to photograph the back but you've seen the print before on numerous occasions.
 Here's my final stack of quilts washed and ready for labelling before I send them off. I'll be adding the quilt Mum made to this pile as soon as I finish quilting it. Unfortunately Mum's still not up to manhandling fabric through the sewing machine so I said I'd finish it off for her. I'll show you pics of that next time. I've basted it ready for quilting :)
The leaning tower of quilts
 Hope you've all had a good weekend. Catch you soon x


  1. My goodness - you superstar!
    (You deserve the Mama Said Sew after that - otherwise I'd be insanely jealous!) xxx

  2. I totally second what Hadley just said :-) You are a star. I love the grey quilt by the way, really love greys!

  3. Your quilt is inspired! I think it's a difficult brief to make one for a teenage boy and yours is brilliant.

  4. You girls have been really busy and those quilts are just lovely.

  5. Lynne? A stylist? Her house is decorated with beautiful quilts hung up with the worlds crappest coat hangers. I think you're better off on your own, lol.

    You've done such an incredible job Reene. Whats the total now? 5?? You crazy person! They are all stunning :o)


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