Saturday, 25 May 2013

Little Red

I've been hacking away at my sewing to do list this week. I fancied a change from quilts so yesterday I started and finished a snazzy Little Red Riding Hood cape! Get me ;) It's a pattern from an Oliver and S book. This is the most complex clothing pattern that I have tried to date. I was slightly disturbed as it was marked as one of the easiest patterns in the book, that just shows what a rookie I am when it comes to clothes. Anyway, I pulled up the big girl panties and got on with it. I traced the pattern pieces onto Freezer paper so I could dispense with some of the pins. I hate pinning patterns to fabric, I always manage to shift the layers, luckily the freezer paper stuck well enough that I could rotary cut around most of them without pins :)  
 I used a lovely red, stiff linen/cotton blend fabric from Ikea for the outer cape...
  and a red cross-hatch print from Summersville for the lining. I'm mightily pleased with the end result.
 The detailing in this pattern is gorgeous. Look at these cute little arm holes.
I didn't really know how to take photos of it to show you how cute it is in use. This is for my 3 year old cousin and we won't be seeing her to get photos so Jess very kindly offered to model it for me :) So funny!! I'm sure you'll love her work!
 See how well it works with the leather jacket and the red skinny jeans ;)
 Jess looks like she's stood in the naughty corner here :)
 Finally, my all time favourite picture of the cape, I have actual tears from this one :) Thanks to Jess for allowing me to post these very silly photos of her for our amusement xx
Normal service shall be resumed soon. Hope you all have a good (bank holiday) weekend. Catch you soon xx


  1. LRRH! Love it! But bit scary - ever seen the film Don't look Now!??

  2. Ooooooh until Nicky said I'd not thought about the Don't look Now reference!!!

    When I saw this on flickr I thought you'd made it for you. I'm sure the recipient will look very cute indeed though x

  3. Hilarious pics but very cute cape! All little girls should have a fun red riding hood cape!

  4. Love those pics. And fabulous cape

  5. ROFL, love the model! BTW, the next time you come to cut out fabric for clothes, use 'pattern weights' to hold the paper down, then you can whizz round with the rotary cutter - I use the wee glass jars my mum and dad get things like their Gu desserts in (I like to put them through the weight gain for me ;o) )

  6. Looks like it's not only three year olds who can have fun with a LRRH cape! I bet the neighbours had fun watching the photo shoot ;o)

  7. I think the word Katy is looking for is ramekins ;)

    You really need to make Jess a proper size one, she will look awesome...

  8. I think Jess should hire out her hilarious modelling services! Jxo

  9. Jess, you are rocking the Little Red look! xxx

  10. Oh, I definitely got a few good laughs from all the poses. Who'd a thunk it a gift for a sweet 3 year old? It's perfect on Jess - jacket and skinny jeans and all. Not many people have enough panache to pull off a cape like that. lol

  11. Lol! Loving the photos! Possible download outfit? Keep the rain out?


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