Sunday, 6 April 2014

Easily distracted - Reene's FAL Q1 round up

I'm just scraping in with my round up, I almost completely forgot (sorry, Katy). I've been really productive this quarter but unfortunately a lot of my productivity has been on secret sewing. I may also have thrown in a few other projects that weren't on my FAL easily distracted! On to the list...

1. The Not-so-Lonestar quilt - as you know I started this one in 2011, it has since been unpicked and started again so it's almost as though I only it started in 2013 ;) I am utterly determined to finish it this year!
I managed to finish this one with the help of Trudi's awesome quilting skills! The post for this one is here.
2. Diamonds, kites and stars EPP - I started this one in September when I was recovering from my op. I feel a bit of cheat adding this one to the list as I've just finished it but as I'd already mentioned it as a WIP here I'm kidding myself that I can get away with it ;)
So I might have cheated with this one as I've already said but I did finish it ;) The post is here.
3. Quilt and Stitch Village competition quilts - I think I'm safe adding this as I have the ideas firmly in my stitching journal and have just sent off the entry forms. Last year Susan and I dared each other to have a go this year, so we have both filled out the forms with trepidation and sent them on their way. In my infinite wisdom I've decided to enter 2 quilts that haven't yet been made. One low volume improv quilt and one bright and fun medallion. These must be done this quarter without fail!
I'm hanging my head in shame for this one as I've still got to finish them! I've almost finished the improv quilt but I've got loads to do on the medallion! They need to be finished and posted by the end of this week so I foresee no sleep for the next few days!
Finally, 4. Crochet blanket - I couldn't find any pictures of this on my computer but there are quite a few over on instagram. I started this when the cold weather set in and would really like to get it finished before Spring other wise it will be relegated to the back of cupboard somewhere :) So far I have 9 rows completed of a total of 16.
I made zero progress on this one as I've learnt to knit instead! I never thought it would happen but it kind of has. I'm part way through making a cardigan for Jess.... you can see where this is heading can't you...another WIP!
So a 50% success rate...definite room for improvement! At least it's not long before I can share with you some of my secret sewing that put a spanner in the works for my FAL success ;) 
Catch you soon x


  1. Distracted? No idea what you...

  2. you have been busy, I am sure your quilts will be admired at the quilt show, I love going to the one in Harrogate and seeing all the quilts

  3. Good luck with your Uttoxeter finishes. I'm sad about having to take the moose down from the wall- there will be a massive gap for about 3 weeks. OH is more grumpy about it than I am...

  4. I also hit the 50% mark - I think we should congratulate ourselves for doing that well! Good luck with the show quilts!

  5. You have no time to read this - stitch stitch!!!
    50% is commendable though xxx


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