Saturday, 26 April 2014


Good morning folks! I'm here on a flying visit to announce the winner of our Spring Giveaway :) Mr Random Number Generator says:
I'm delighted to say it's a long time friend of our bloggy adventures, Sheila
On my way to email you now Sheila :) Thanks to everyone for taking part in the giveaway, sorry you couldn't all win something. I'll be back soon with sewing updates :) Catch you soon xx


  1. Yippeeeee, it's Sheila!!! Eek!

    P.S. I can't help but think that 'David hussey' is a little less excited about the result of this giveaway than he should be... (He's also less bothered about making any sense whatsoever than he probably should be!)

  2. Okay, if it couldn't be me then that is a pretty genius move on Mr RNGs part. Yay to Sheila!

  3. I am well chuffed at winning, and I think also at missing a weirdo message??


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