Thursday, 10 April 2014

Yvonne's Round up of Finish Along 14 Q1 ....

.......... and Yvonne's FAL 14 Q2 List

Well I've totally missed the deadline for the 'linky' thing with this post, sorry Katy for being even later than Correne!! 
Even so, I'm going to list my results and then I'll let you know what my aims are for the Q2 list... it won't be long as I only had three items anyway.. so no need to fear getting bored!! :-)

Here goes:
You can see the original list and photos here ... I'm afraid I've deleted the original photos in a moment of tidyness.... once again sorry. (Honestly, I am blushing at how disorganised I am!!)

1. Tiny Hexie Cushion

I was so close to finishing this one.  The top is completed all I have to do is make up the back and stitch it together and bind it.  I guess it's a fail as it isn't completed. But I'm not too upset as I had totally underestimated how many of those 3/8" hexies had still to be made and stitched together.  So it will go onto the Q2 list for completion!

2. Fresh Modern Bee Blocks to be turned into a quilt

Now this one I hoped to be completed by the end of 2014.

I can't believe how far I have got with it!  I've got one block to complete, the green one in the top right, it's a bowl and I've got to add the flowers to it.  Apart from that it's just filling in strips to join it all together. I love it and really hope that it will be a quilt top by the end of Q2. So in my mind that's a success... you agree?

I used the book 'Gathered from the Garden' by Cindy Lammon as inspiration for this quilt, more specifically the quilt 'My Secret Garden' the last project in the book. 

 3. Petit Fleur fabric pieced and hand quilted


Completed!!! And blogged about here.  A success.... no kidding myself either!! :-) 
And I love it despite it's ... shall we say ..... quirks?

So there we go, thank you Katy for the incentive, I know that's two projects that would still be in the box if it hadn't been for the FAL.

Now for my Q2 list.  I'm still going to limit myself to projects I think I can achieve.     

1.     Finish the Tiny hexie cushion.
2.  Finish the Fresh Modern Bee Block Quilt Top.
3. Swoon Quilt Block.  Only one block made back in 2011 again!!   

I'd love to have the rest of the Swoon blocks made for the quilt designed by Camille. I hope to have it quilted and bound too by the end of this quarter.
4.  To replace the hand piecing of the hexie cushion that I've been doing in the evenings I plan to work on this little beauty.

Excuse the rubbish all around it!!  These little hexiestar  blocks that Correne designed are so addictive.  I love them and have added a few other blocks to them.  I knew exactly what fabrics I wanted to use as soon as I saw the hexiestar block.  Atsuko Matsuyama designs for Lecien.  I plan to have made a table topper or a lap quilt with these by the end of Q2.

That's it then, four objectives and I have to say I don't feel as trepidatious about them as I did about my list in the first quarter.  That's down to you kind readers for your support and encouragement. Thank you. :-)     

I'm off now to get Correne to do the linky thing for me.....again!!  I'll be back next week with something rather least I think it is.  Hopefully.... you will too.  Thank you for dropping by and staying awhile.
Take good care of yourselves and happy sewing.  Xxx



  1. All you projects are amazingly lovely! I love the bee block quilt, and I've never seen hexie stars before. They're beautiful. I love visiting you blog.

  2. 3 very nice project you have shared today, the quilt is a real beauty.

    Like the look of the hexistar must check that link out, I do enjoy some hand stitching, find it so relaxing

  3. Good luck both with the projects, and remembering to link up at the end!

  4. Happy to see someone else is working on Swoon too! I love the little hexie pillow.

  5. I can't believe how much you've done on the tiny hexies! They're looking wonderful! Good luck with your Q2 list - let's see if we can all remember to give you and Reene a nudge at the end of the quarter *grins*


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