Sunday, 22 June 2014

A FAL finish! - New York Beauty

Hold the front page! I actually finished something on my FAL Q2 list! I started my New York Beauty project in March 2012 and I have absolutely no idea why it took me so long to get back to it. I started the weekend with these blocks...
I decided that I wanted to use them for cushion fronts so I needed to make 2 more blocks: Block 2
 and block 7 went together very quickly...
...then it was just a case of deciding on the layout for the 4 different blocks. Here's the one I went with.
I was a bit unsure how to quilt this as there was so much going on in the blocks. Initially I just outline quilted but that wasn't quite enough so I decided to do lots of lines that didn't necessarily echo the existing shapes.
You'll see what I mean in this close-up. It's not perfect but it'll do! I used Aurifil 5006 which is a light teal colour and was just right for this job.
I gave the other block the same treatment then it was time to transform them into cushions. I backed them both with the gorgeous floral print by Melody Miller.
 I couldn't resist keeping the selvedge intact on one of them :)
I'm in love with them so I'm hoping you'll excuse my rather over-the-top photographic coverage...
on a chair
Close-upon the dresser
On the dresser
They've found a resting place on the family room sofa for now :)
I'm delighted to finally cross this WIP off my list! I'm not sure how much further I'll get with my FAL list as I've got a ton of secret sewing to do which I'm impatient to be able to share with you very soon. I hope you've all been enjoying the nice weather this weekend. Catch you soon x


  1. These are really gorgeous! Do you mean to tell me you have ALSO been secret sewing as well as everything you have been showing us lately? You are a one woman wonder!

  2. these cushions are lovely and I am most envious re your dresser chuckled as I wrote that the furniture I mean not sure who dresses you!! sorry

  3. Those cushions are inspirational, I shall dig out a couple of NYB segments which have been languishing for some time and put them together.

  4. They're gorgeous! Good luck with the secret sewing!

  5. Wow. I saw these on Aurifil Facebook and had to cone over for a look. I like the extra quilting and love the selveges on the back. x

  6. Very nice! Was this from the NYB sew along originally?

  7. fab finish, they look great! I have NYBs on my to-make list


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