Tuesday, 17 June 2014


I told you it wouldn't be long before I was back with a finish! The cartwheels went together really quickly and I'm delighted with the end result, a rather large 22" square cushion that is happily filling a spot on one of our sofas in the front room :)
I used a gorgeous print by Anna Maria Horner for the back along with a brown solid. Yes you read that right, BROWN.
I thought that I'd be done with this EPP design for the time being until it occurred to me that it would probably be nice in a smaller scale...you know how it goes...
...mini-cartwheels, can't go wrong with Katie Jump Rope! Catch you soon :) 


  1. I'm loving the cushion and curious to see how long this epp production continues before you turn your mind to something else. Good fun watching you make stuff though.

  2. You really are an EPP addict! This cushion is gorgeous! But mini cartwheels? Are you insane? jxo

  3. great cartwheels, another project I will have to add to my to do list

  4. How many more cushions do you need to EPP to completely fill that sofa? ;) Fab design.

  5. Wonderful cartwheels, I really like all of the teal colours you have used in it. Our sofas are rather full after a cushion making session recently but I am sure I could squeeze one on if I tried. x


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