Thursday, 12 June 2014

Maybe I got lost......

on the way to blogging???

Ok. For starters, I'm sorry.  I am blushing here, it's been an age.  I knew it was a while but really? So long ago?  I'd like to claim I got lost on the way.  My sense of direction is renowned.  I get lost on the way to the bathroom from my bed! And that's a well trod path.... believe me! But I know getting lost on the way to the computer is a bit of a stretch of the imagination... even for me!!

So, I'm here now.  And in no time at all you will be wishing I had got lost ... on the way to the computer. :))

What was I going to tell you about?  Ah yes... a FAL 2014  finish for Q2.  I actually finished two of the things on my list a while ago.  So today I will tell you about the Tiny hexie cushion  finish. If you remember the tiny hexies were a swap from Helen and I was determined to make them into a cushion to send back to Helen with love.  Here's where it was at the end of Q1 

Such pretty fabrics

I chose the backings and binding to make it up into the cushion.                                                         

The same line as the hexies, Aviary from 3 Sisters for Moda
I don't know about you, but I think the back of any hexie work is almost as pretty as the front.

Don't you agree?

Anyway, decisions made it didn't take long to make it into  a cushion. I must say I was pleased with how it turned out. And was really happy to be able to send it off to Helen.  And it was even more fun knowing that it would be a surprise for her. :)  She's a genuinely lovely person and I wanted her to benefit from the work she put into those tiny hexies!!.

Apologies for the lack of a full photo of the finished cushion.  I seem to have forgotten to take one of those!  Or deleted it....   Maybe Helen has taken one?  If you look really closely and squint your eyes up ....go on..... you can just see the binding on it.  I promise it is a completely made cushion.  :) 

And then for me

Well, I had the bonus of some of the hexies left to make into something for myself.  I thought a little cushion of my own or a tiny wall hanging.  Haven't decided yet but am leaning towards a mini wall hanging.  As I usually fall over if I lean over, it looks like that will be the way I go!!!!! I've appliqued it to the background and hand stitched with cream perle thread so far.  I took it into my head I wanted to free motion quilt the outside of it! Hahaha... Right.  That's a laugh!!!  Never done it before, have been practising.... Let's just say.... It's going to take me a few years to finish it off!!!  I'm ok in a straight line but when I stop or change direction or move my hand ......  it all goes wrong!  And I end up with some kind of crazy zig zag 'pattern'.  Of course, I use the term very loosely. Because pattern it is..... NOT. If I'm feeling really brave I might show you a picture of my practicing efforts in my next post.  If you can convince me.  ;))

Well, there you go, that's about it.  One success for Katy's  FAL 2014. 

Tomorrow I hope to tell you about my other finish for Q2.  Assuming I remember and don't get lost on the way.  Of course.  In my defense, we are having our driveway done and they are waking me up at ridiculously early hours. 7.30 - 8 o'clock..  I tell you I am only just on nodding terms with 9 o'clock normally.  So suffice to say I am kna more exhausted than usual.  And tomorrow we are having the carpet fitted in the computer room too!!  In fact, I'll show you a photo, tomorrow, of where I am perched to write this post.  It's interesting to say the least, for the errr  is it ... vertically challenged? Someone who finds it difficult to stay upright is what I mean.  Not sure if it's horizontal or vertical.  

Anyway, I digress what I was meant to be saying was I'll sign off now and hope to be back tomorrow.
Thank you for indulging me and putting up with my waffling.  Take good care of yourselves and happy sewing.  Yvonne Xxx 


  1. well.. where ever you have been while distracted you have been busy .. and its nice to see you back.....and see what you have been making x

  2. beautiful wlork as always

  3. You can get lost, because I always find you on IG. ;-) x

  4. Lovely job on the cushion, and like my Canadian buddy, I know where you IG ;o)

  5. had a chuckle reading your blog this morning. A lovely cushion and a wall hanging sounds ideal too. At least you can quilt straight lines I am even struggling with those, best of luck with it

  6. Wonderful pillows. Love them.

  7. Gorgeous cushion, I am sure she will be thrilled with it. x

  8. I am definitely thrilled with my cushion!! I've also got lost on the way to blogging. Not my computer (although given the number of blog post comments I've left in the past forty minutes you'd be forgiven for thinking that I've not been online in weeks!) but I definitely haven't found my way to the 'new post' button on the dashboard!!


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