Friday, 4 July 2014

Yvonne's Roundup of Finish Along 2014 Q2

......  So here I am again at the end of another quarter for the Finish Along 2014 with Katy  at The Littlest Thistle.
Except this time I'm rather pleased with myself because I'm just about squeezing in before the deadline.  Or at least I hope I am! If you want to see my list for Q2 you'll find it here.  As I missed the deadline last quarter I combined the roundup of Q1 with my list for Q2 just scroll to the bottom of the post.  

Without any procrastination or distraction I'm going to dive right in..... here goes:

1.   Finish the tiny hexie cushion.  Well this was definitely a finish and a happy one too.  You can read the post about it here  if you are so inclined.  :-) 
Sitting pretty with the almost finished wall hanging made 
for myself with the remaining hexies.

2.  Finish the Fresh Modern Bee 2 Quilt top.  I'm happy to say this is also achieved... and blogged about here
I am so thrilled with this it is better than I ever thought it would be and I am so 
looking forward to it being finished.

So far so good eh?  Two out of two.  Hmm now we go downhill.....  

3.  Swoon block quilt.  To be quilted and bound by the end of this quarter!!  What was I thinking?!!  I only had one block made!!  Clearly not even close to being achieved... only two more blocks added.  And those were only done in the last couple of weeks.
They do look pretty but definitely not a finished quilt.
Camille  designed a great quilt when she made this one.  It's a big block with a lot of pieces so, at the pace I work even without distractions- more on those in the next one on the list- I was never going to get it finished. It will be added to next quarters list though because its too nice to languish in a box uncompleted!

4.  Hexiestars Quilt.  I had every intention of this being finished and was working away perfectly contentedly at it.... and then got distracted.... completely!!  If you have been watching on Instagram or have read a few of the more previous posts you will know why.  Reene discovered a love of EPP (English paper piecing), thanks in no small part to Sewline Glue Pens.  If you have never tried them for basting your fabric to templates in EPP do give it a try.  I was almost dragged to it kicking and screaming... honestly... but it's totally my preferred method now. Anyway, yet again, I digress.....  Reene was designing patterns quicker than I could print the templates!  All of them totally lovely.... I know I can hear you saying I'm biased... you're right I am but still... they are all really great patterns.  Of course, Hexiestars was the first of the patterns and when I saw Tessellated Madness I knew exactly which fabrics were sitting on my shelf shouting 'pick me pick me'..... so I did.  And that was it, Hexiestars Quilt had to wait to be finished because I couldn't wait to see how Tessellated Madness would turn out.  Totally addictive.  So a second goal not achieved on the list!!  Yet... will go onto next quarters list, definitely. 
This is most of the blocks laid out on the cutting table.
And this is as far as I have got sewing them together.  
I love the way it's coming together and will definitely carry on with it during the next quarter.

So 50%  ... mmmm.... not exactly brilliant eh?  But ...  I have two completed WIP/UFO projects that may still be sitting in the box if not for the Finish Along.  I also have two projects that are being worked on and are closer to being finished today than they were in April.  As I am definitely a 'cup half full' person, rather than a 'cup half empty' person I'm happy to have achieved what I have and am grateful to Katy for organising the finish along that has go me this far.  

Now, I'm thinking I'll show you what distracted me so completely this last few weeks... I'm hoping you will understand why and agree it just had to be done.
Amazing pattern
It's a shame it's not the best of photos as the light isn't good in the sewing room now.  But I will take better photos when it's finished.  And I have the perfect backing for it that I found in my vintage Laura Ashley fabrics.  Can you tell I'm excited by this one?  Hope you like it too.  So pattern is a pdf in the sidebar of the blog, fabric is Darlene Zimmerman's Grandma's Garden and Lazy Daisy Baskets for Robert Kaufman and a Kona Solid, sorry can't remember the colour but I know I got it from Justine at Simply Solids.

I'm off now to get Reene to do the linky thing for me as I've forgotten how to do it.  Thank you so much for dropping in and staying awhile.  It is appreciated. Take good care of yourselves and happy sewing. Yvonne Xxx


  1. That Reene and her tessellations have a lot to answer for in interrupting FAL proceedings this quarter. Luckily her patterns are fantastic and now you have a ready made list of your carry overs and new EPP projects for qtr 3. You two are stitching dynamos!

  2. Progress is just as good as a finish. Well done!

  3. Your work is all so wonderful.

  4. you might not have done all you had planned to do but what you have achieved is lovely, especially like the your modern bee top, went back and had a good look on the link you gave. Tessellated hexies look good too, have downloded the templates, well all looks good

  5. Your fingers have been busy! Lovely progress.

  6. I'm particularly thrilled with your first finish!!! I also managed a 50% success rate and thought I'd done rather well so I'm afraid I disagree with the 'not exactly brilliant, eh?' summation of your quarter!
    P.S. I love your new project!


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