Wednesday, 18 February 2015


It's a big week this week. Our baby turns 18 on Friday! I should be madly planning celebrations but instead I'm trying to ignore the fact that I appear to have developed man-flu. I say trying as it keeps breaking me out in a sweat then plunging me into the chills so it's fairly hard to ignore. I thought I'd get on and sew to take my mind  off it but by the time I climbed the stairs I wanted to curl up in a ball. I will have to satisfy myself (and therefore you too) with a WIP picture instead of a finished article.
I've been working on this EPP for a little while using lots of pretty screen printed fabrics from Karen Lewis textiles. I've used some of the templates from my Shields cushion (available in Quilt Now Issue 8) along with a newly drafted distorted hexagon template to link the elements together in a Shields Remix. All I need to add are the cornerstones then this top is ready for sashing and quilting. Fingers crossed for a finish early next week!
Now I'm off to chill out and will this man-flu to sod off. Catch you soon xx


  1. Aw no! Hope you feel better soon. Big Happy birthday to J! Jxo

  2. Surely it's only man flu if you're a man and over exaggerating your symptoms? I imagine what you have is bird flu ;)


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