Friday, 23 July 2010

In memory of a very special woman

Well it's only fitting for the first post on the Nellie's Niceties blog to be in honour of it's namesake. Nellie was a very special lady and the matriarch of our family. We have been without Nellie for a few years now but it is in her memory that my Mum and I craft special pieces under the name of 'Nellie's Niceties'. Many of the items that we have lovingly crafted have been passed on to friends and family in times of difficulty to add some cheer and just that sense that someone cares. It is our intention to occasionally update this blog with images of the latest creations to share our love of all things fabric and paper with anyone who may be passing through.

The first item we're offering for you to share a peek at is a small quilt made using Rosalie Quinlan's Grandmother's Flower Garden design from Lecien.

For more pics of this little gem see the flickr album via the link entitled Grandmother's Flower Garden.

Thanks for stopping by, please check back soon.
Nellie's Niceties