Friday, 22 January 2016


My pattern testers have worked their magic for me again. Huge thanks to Trash, Sally, Elisa, Ellisa, Darla, Maria and Michelle for producing all of these gorgeous blocks!
I've designed the blocks to be very quick and effective for a single project or used in multiples to create a stunning quilt. There is no foundation piecing and all the blocks are designed to be chain pieced to speed things up when making multiple blocks. As the patterns are in pictorial format there is very little written instruction, as such the patterns are suitable for people with at least a basic knowledge of patchwork techniques.

I'm delighted that the pattern testers all enjoyed the pictorial format of the Easy Peasy Wonderland blocks pattern. Maria and Trash had tested the Easy Peasy Christmas Sampler for me previously so they knew what to expect and weren't disappointed. Phew! It's always a bit  nerve-wracking sending patterns that I've designed out into the wild so I'm always relieved to receive positive feedback.

This time around I have prepared patterns for the individual blocks as well as a combined pattern so that if there is a particular block that takes your fancy you're not committed to having to buy all of the blocks. All of the blocks have a colouring sheet for testing colour placement before cutting into precious fabric!

The Eat Me block pattern contains the block in two sizes 6" and 12".
The Drink Me block pattern also contains the block in two sizes 6" and 12".
The Flamingo block pattern contains the instructions for a 12" block.
The Top Hat block pattern contains the instructions for a 12" block.
The combined pattern has all four of the blocks and the suggested block layout for the quilt top I'm making. It's also available with a saving of £1.50 compared to buying each of the blocks separately. Who doesn't love a bargain?
I'm still plugging away at my Easy Peasy Wonderland Quilt so it'll be a while before I can show you my finished project so here's a little progress shot.
We'd love to see anything you make with these patterns! You can use the hashtags #nelliesniceties and #easypeasywonderland on social media so we can find your pictures.
Catch you soon x

Friday, 8 January 2016

In the works

I've been having fun playing with a new easy-peasy quilt design - The Easy Peasy Wonderland Quilt. This one has been brewing in my head for a year or so and I just hadn't found time to put it into action, so, it was most serendipitous that Katarina Roccella released her Wonderland fabric collection with Art Gallery Fabrics at the end of last year.
I'm loving how the blocks are looking so far. I've made Drink Me, Eat Me and the Flamingo, next on the list is the Top Hat. Here's a sneak peek at the layout I'm working towards.
The pattern is almost ready for sending out to testers so if you have free time this month and fancy testing for me leave a comment below or email me and I'll contact you when the pattern is ready.

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Happy new year

Happy new year folks! I had great intentions of blogging every day this year and it's now the 6th so clearly that's one resolution down the pan already. Thankfully my other resolution was not to make any more resolutions so I'm winning on that front. I hope your year is shaping up to be a good one so far. Catch you soon x