Thursday, 25 April 2013

The week so far...

So the week started off like this... fat arse crushed my 24" omnigrid ruler. At least the biggest piece was still long enough to be useful! It needed to be useful as I've signed up to this rather lovely Block of the Month. This is the first month of 6 and there were a staggering 13 blocks to make! Lots of strip piecing so super quick but heavily reliant on my ruler.

 Oh, and I almost forgot to mention flying geese...56 of them! It's a good job I'd had a bit of a break from them after the Marcelle Medallion.
This is going to be a monster 102" square quilt! Even though I have treated myself to a very indulgent new machine, to improve my mood when quilting anything bigger than a lap quilt, I still won't be quilting this sucker myself!! See how I snuck that in there ;) I'm expecting delivery of the new beast on Monday...literally cannot wait! Catch you soon x

Sunday, 21 April 2013


I've finished a few projects this week. First up, I joined another bee, the Simply Solids: a modern Bee, and this is the first month I've had to make blocks for it. Patti asked for this winged square block, it was super quick to put together so I made 2.

 Then I got on and made this whirlygig for Karen's month in the HipBees.
So with my bee commitments out the way I got on and finished the Marcelle Medallion quilt! I think it is my most favourite quilt ever. I was all set to take some nice photos outside when the heaven's opened...grrr. Instead I just took some dodgy shots around the house.
On the sofa
 It's quite a big quilt, definitely a great size for snuggling under while scoffing chocolate :)
On the bannister
On the bed
 I machine quilted a few straight lines around the borders, enough to fix it in place and then set to it with some lime green perle thread.
 I bound it with a brush stroke print from Summersville and backed it with my go to favourite, Nummer, from Ikea.
 You can't beat a pretty folded quilt :)
I'm quite sad that this one is finished now, I think I might have to make another soon! Catch you soon x

Monday, 15 April 2013


This weekend Hubby and I set about transforming my cluttered and uninspiring sewing space. These pictures don't really do justice to just how untidy the room was. Mission Impossible moves were required everyday to negotiate the clutter between the cutting station and the sewing machine, and once the ironing board was air!
So on Saturday morning we ventured out to Ikea (Hubby's least favourite place) and by Saturday afternoon I was filling the new furniture with my sewing goodies. It's beyond awesome to have everything out of boxes so I can see it all! My sewing room is now a place I can't wait to get creative in :) It's not quite finished yet as Hubby has to make me one of these and sort out my 'design wall' but it's well on the way!
I'm going to show you some of my favourite bits here and put the rest of the photos I took over on Flickr if you fancy a nose around ;)

Cheap-as-chips, glass spice jars filled with ribbons and beads.
This wall makes me so happy! All those minis were made for me by other talented ladies and I'm so thrilled to have them up in my new space :)

Made by others with love for ME!!!
I'm also thrilled to have the treadle sewing machine out on display at last! The poor girl has been hiding away in her cabinet for well over a year just waiting to be released ;)
The old girl
Then I guess I should give you a peek inside my fabric cupboard :) I could probably set up shop, not that I'd be able to part with it! Close ups of the goodies are in the Flickr set. Top shelf is Moda precuts, 2nd shelf is solids and linens, 3rd shelf is mainly Freespirit - Tula Pink, Amy Butler, Anna Maria Horner, Joel Dewberry, Ty Pennington... 4th shelf Denyse Schmidt, Anna Maria Horner flannel, Laurie Wisbrun, Heather Ross, Karen Lewis, Leanne Fanny, Lucie Summers, 5th shelf Quilt backings and random fabrics I can't remember and finally bottom shelf is Home decor weight fabrics and dressmaking fabrics.
There is also a large wicker ottoman stuffed full of home decor weight fabric and another ottoman full of offcuts of batting. Seriously, I have a real problem if I need an ottoman for scraps of batting! I also have 2 large plastic boxes which house my scraps and my WIPs. Let's just say the WIPs box is rather fuller than I would like ;) Now that the room is nearly organised I think I'd better get cracking into that stash! Thanks to Hubby for indulging me with a room all to myself and my fabric addiction, he's a star. Catch you soon x

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Just popping in to say...

it is done! The Marcelle Medallion quilt top is all finished and waiting for me to fight with the batting and backing ;) I hope to get some better photos when the daylight returns but I was just so excited to show you what it looks like now. 
I totally underestimated the finished size, it practically fills the void in our upstairs landing. There's just about enough room to move around it when I'm sandwiching it. I absolutely love it as this stage :) I even think I like it enough to do some hand quilting! Catch you soon x

Friday, 5 April 2013

You know where you are with rectangles

Progress on the Marcelle Medallion quilt has been good this week owing to my close friendship with rectangles and squares ;) You know where you are with them and not a flying goose in sight!
 Now that I'm over the stress that was induced by the triangles and flying geese I can look at the quilt without swearing. I think this one might actually be one of my all time favourites!
 I'm on the cross border now and I'm really enjoying it :) Look at all that yummy fabric!
 One row of crosses done... three more to go. I love the way the cross hatch from Lu's Summersville range contains all that riot of colour in the centre :)
I've had really irritating tinnitus since Wednesday so I gave myself a break from thinking and made a mindless Scrappy trip block in Shelburne Falls offcuts left over from making Katy's cushion. I really love this range, it's got something for everyone! Both Shelburne Falls and Chicopee are so much better in real life than they are the computer screen. If you haven't seen them for yourself you can take my word for it ;)
Talking of Katy's cushion, I've entered it in Rachel's Shelburne Falls Contest. There are some fabulous entries over there so make sure you take a look :) Entries are open until Sunday evening so there's still time to enter yourself! I hope all is good where you are. Catch you soon x