Mystery BOM 2015

You'll find all the templates for the Nellie's Niceties Mystery BOM 2015 on our website.

Month 1 Star Central
Month 2 Rolling in clover

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  1. Hi there...thanks for putting my picture up...glad you liked it.
    I am afraid I have taken the chicken' sway out of doing the rolling in clover block. I couldn't get the 'strange pointy shape piece to work without..having no material...or very little on the inside edge of the bend.... So I cut the shape into a trapezium and a titchy triangle...and have sewn them together... And then inserted it into the block...that way i am more secure in knowing there a 1/4 inch seam..or there a it should stay together longer incorporated into the final'design'.
    Loving the different techniques...though am really becoming a convert to the first method we used. Thanks for adding something to my skill set!...the material was won on a giveaway...not my usual choice...but I am enjoying the effects and trying out wackier colour combinations.
    Best wishes...and happily sewing away two of these blocks again.... Looking forward to next month's adventure...thanks


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