Animal Crackers Christmas tree skirt - Free pattern

 Animal Crackers Christmas Tree Skirt
A free pattern by Reene @Nellie’s Niceties.

This pattern is intended for personal use only. Please acknowledge the source of the pattern if you use it and we’d love to see your version.

This pattern is for the flimsy only, quilting, backing and binding is not included. Finished size approx. 49” diameter.
NB. Please read all instructions before starting. I used Klona Cotton for my background fabric and have assumed a 52” usable width of fabric (WOF). You will need to alter your fabric requirements if you use a different fabric.

You will need:
12 different prints 6½” x 3½”
6 different coloured solids 3½” x 14”
44” background fabric
A marking tool (I used a Frixion pen).
Rotary cutter

Cutting Instructions:
From coloured solids:
Cut 4(no) squares 3½” x 3½”

From background fabric:
Cut 2(no) 1½” strips WOF, subcut into total of 48(no) 1½” squares
Cut 3(no) 6” strips WOF, subcut into total of 12(no) 13” lengths
Cut 2(no) 4½” strips WOF, subcut into total of 12(no) 5½” lengths
Cut 4 (no) 3½” strips WOF, subcut into total of 12(no) 15” lengths

Block construction:
Repeat the following for each block. It speeds thing up if you chain piece where appropriate but this is not essential.

Step 1 – The cracker
Each block consists of a 6½” x 3½” print, 2(no) 3 ½” solid squares and 4(no) 1½” squares.
1.    Mark a diagonal line on the wrong side of each 1½” background fabric square.
2.    Place marked background squares on the 3½” solid squares as shown below.
3.    Sew along the marked line.

4. Trim a ¼” seam allowance then press open.

5.    Sew solid squares to short edges of print fabric rectangle along the edge with the background triangles, then press open.

(Note: at this stage you could just sash and use the block in any way you choose such as placemats or a table runner)

Step 2 – The Dresden
1.    Mark the 6”x 13” rectangles 1¼” from top and bottom edge then connect the line as shown below.

2.    Cut along the marked line

3.    Pin and sew straight edge of each wedge to the long edge of the cracker with the narrow end of the wedge at the top the cracker. Note. There will be approximately ¼” overhang at each end of the cracker as shown below.

4.    Press open then trim away the overhang from each end of the cracker.

5.    Pin and sew a 4½” x 5½” to the top the cracker.

6.    Press open, then line the wedge up on your cutting board and trim as shown below. Repeat for both sides of the wedge.

7.    Pin and sew a 3½” x 15” rectangle to the bottom edge of the cracker. There will be approximately 1½” overhang on both sides of the wedge as shown below.

8.    Press open then line up on your cutting board and trim as below.

Your finished wedge should look something like this.

Finishing up
Join the wedges in pairs until you have the complete circle. It’s much easier to quilt as a whole.

Once you’ve finished quilting, however you choose, rotary cut along one of the long wedge seams then bind as desired.

 Feel free to share your versions with us in our Flickr group or on Instagram with #animalcrackerstreeskirt
  Copyright belongs to Reene Witchard November 2013. Please do not reproduce the pattern or anything made from it for commercial use without prior permission.


  1. Pinned! Thanks for taking the time to write the tutorial/pattern. I'm not a big fan of Christmassy fabrics (Cherry Christmas is an exception) so a project which uses normal stash fabrics but still has a little Christmassy magic is just what I needed.

  2. Love it! A great fussy cutting pattern too

  3. This is awesome, I don't do Christmas trees but if I did I'd totally have one of these

  4. LOVE it! Plan to make it. Super cute!

  5. I don't have time now but hope to get to this in the new year!!

  6. I am making this with christmas reds and white! It is looking great! Thanks for the tutorial!!

    1. That's so exciting! I'd love to see it when it's finished! Please feel free to email me a photo or add it to our Flickr group if you prefer :)


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