Thursday, 12 May 2011

Circle time for Nesting Chairs.

After a traumatic incident this afternoon (I had to throw a piece of chocolate in the bin!!!!, it was traumatic for me!) I needed some cheering up. So there was nothing for it...the long-awaited meeting between the rotary cutter and the Nesting Chairs that I won in Laurie's giveaway :)

I decided to use dresdens to make a circle. I pieced some of the dresdens out of the smaller prints and used the larger print on it's own.

The finished circle looks tiny in this photo but it is actually over 20" in diameter.

I appliqued the circle to some white kona cotton and I'm thinking I might quilt a nest in the middle of the circle :)

The result is a considerably cheerier me :) I did originally think that I would use this as the backing for the Nesting Chairs Pillow Panel that I won in the same giveaway but it's too big so it will just have to sit next to it instead :) Hopefully the sun will stay out long enough for me to get a decent photo of it when it's finished.


  1. The only way to recover from throwing away chocolate is to indulge yourself playing with lovely fabric! :) It looks great, I really like the way you mixed up all of the fabrics in the dresdens. :)

  2. I've tried to comment on this after seeing it on your flickr but blogger wouldn't let me! I love how you've pieced these chairs into a circle - fab!

  3. Thank you ladies. Grrr to blogger, it's been so frustrating with it out of service. Thanks for persevering :)


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