Thursday, 28 June 2012

HipBees and Purse Frames

Hello, I thought I'd do a quick post today to let you know Yvonne is recuperating at home following her angiogram. She's very tired and sore as expected but in good form otherwise. Thanks for all your well wishes :)

While I'm here I'll tell you a few other bits of news :) I was recently invited to join a new UK bee called hipBees. I'm so excited to be joining a great group of ladies for a year of sewing fun! There are lots of familiar names in there along with some that are new to me, so it will be lovely to play along and get to know each other.
  • Tanya - Second Chance Tan -
  • Rachel Addison - Mamma Fairy Sews -
  • Karen  - Lisnaweary Quilts -
  • Fiona - Sew Fi -
  • Collette - Poppie and Poochie -
  • Reene - Nellie's Niceties -
  • Lynz - Domestic Light and Magic -
  • Jan - Isisjem -
  • Catherine - Sew Wonderful Life -
  • Sarah - Sew Me -
  • Judith - Just Jude Designs -
  • Di - Willowbeck Designs -

  • I've taken on the first month's Queen bee responsibilities so you'll be hearing a lot more about this bee as I prepare for August :) I don't remember if I mentioned that I'm joining in with the In the frame purse swap over on flickr. I've been procrastinating for the last week over what to do for my partner and today I finally made a start.
     I had to be cocky and choose a frame with a centre panel for my first glue in purse didn't I?! I'm sure it will be fine.....I've loosely based my design on this fabulous purse by Kerry which was in lots of people's inspiration mosaics. I say loosely based because my fussy cutting skills and fabric choices are way off the heights of Kerry's brilliance but I hope that the finished article will be even half as effective as hers.
     I've used a cute bird house print for the lining.
     All ready for the final seam to attach lining to exterior.
    Next stop turn inside out and glue!! Here's hoping for a good result with minimum mess :) Catch you soon x


    1. I did wonder if anyone would be brave enough to try one of these frames. I reckon this is going to look great!!! Glad to hear Yvonne is doing well - hope that continues. I am so excited about hipbee's. Just no picking a scary block! ;-)

    2. I presume that purse is for me. ;-)

    3. Thanks for the update on Yvonne. Give her our good wishes. You are brave with your framed purse. If it isn't for Susan then is it for me!? I am looking forward to our hipBee starting. I am glad that I'm not first as I can learn from you! Di x

    4. Great to hear that Yvonne is through her procedure - I wish her a speedy recuperation.

      Can't wait to see your finished purse, looks good so far.

    5. Love to Yvonne, and can't wait to see th finished purse and Bee block choice x

    6. Ooh looking good so far! You are obviously an intrepid adventurer!

    7. hi fellow member and hugs to Yvonne. Your purse will be awesome I am sure! x

    8. Looks great so far! Bring on the bees! Jxo

    9. Glad Yvonne is on the road to recovery, wish her well for me x Pouch looks great!

    10. I've not seen one of these frames before, I'll have to have a look for them! I've seen your finished purse on Flickr and it's AMAZING!!!

      I'm so glad Yvonne's recovering from her procedure - please give her my love xx

    11. Did you use batting or interfacing for the purse? Must check that pattern.. Looks great!


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