Sunday, 17 October 2010

Pop the champagne...

I've finally finished the Crosses Quilt!!! I'm so pleased to have finally finished this one. I am going to miss looking at the beautiful fabric though....good job I've still got plenty left :) After much deliberation I chose to back the quilt with the red spot fabric and then pieced two strips of fabric for each side of the spots as it wasn't quite wide enough. I quilted with clear thread in a cross pattern...well sort of...I got a bit lost along the way but the clear thread is forgiving.

The end result is lovely even if I do say so myself, however, I was not impressed when I discovered a not so deliberate mistake. I'm resigned to it showing that the quilt was made by me and not some robot.

Onwards and upwards...


  1. Absolutely totally and utterly gorgeous - and it's called a humility block - it's in there to show you're human!!! I have plenty in everything I make and the law is that you only notice them when you take the very final photo.

  2. Thanks Lynne :) That put a big smile on my face!


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