Monday, 24 January 2011

And this is how today went....

My good intentions of ploughing through my sewing to do list pretty much went like this....

They did hold it together just long enough for me to do one more stage of my spicing up the kitchen swap project.

Here's hoping hubby and hot glue will sort the handle out this evening.


  1. So that's the reason for the screaming and cussing I could hear! Not sure about the hot glue though, could be an accident waiting to happen! :) However, the 'item' is coming along very nicely. :)

  2. maybe try e6000 glue? It has a little stretch to it and should hold better than super glue or hot glue which will snap under pressure. Gorilla glue will also work but it tends to bubble out when it dries and makes a mess.

  3. Thanks Natalie :) I'll see if we've got any of that.

  4. Wow! I had the exact type of scissors do just the same thing only a few weeks ago! On a Sunday when the shops were closed lol! Boy did I whinge and wine and drive the family crazy! Then I went out and bought the exact scissors again because they are so good at cutting fabric. I hope it's not a flaw in these scissors because they are my favourites!

  5. I got some new ones today but can't seem to bring myself to throw the old ones away. It seems a bit disloyal :)


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