Thursday, 27 January 2011

Virgin Blog!....I bet that got your attention !

It's her first time so be gentle with her :)

So................ take a deep breath and here we go..........
One of the saving graces of a 'virtual world' is that you can't see my red face and how flustered I am! :)
Yvonne (Mum) here, tackling the intricacies of technology and hoping that she doesn't frighten off Correne's carefully nurtured friends!!
I thought I'd start my adventure in blogland by telling you about the newest addition to our household. Much longed for and eagerly awaited for quite some time. Quite a miracle really.

Isn't she a beauty? She's a Pfaff Quilt Expression 4 and I'm definitely in love with her! My previous machine was nearly thirty years old and, like me, a bit sluggish and frayed around the edges! She's now gone to pastures new up the motorway to help an aspiring quilter realise her dreams. I'm sure Jade will love her and they'll have lots of fun together.
I've spent some time playing with my new baby and once I was comfortable doing the ordinary stuff I used a few of the 200!!!!! stitches

to embroider and machine quilt a project. Such fun!!! :) And now after the big build up I'm going to have to let you down.......... no no it's no good trying to tempt me not even chocolate or even fabric will sway me ............... definitely no pictures for now or else I'll give the game away! ;) Actually, if you happen to have some Sherbet Pips you don't know what to do with you could probably twist my arm! Well you know, everybody has a price don't they?

Just to placate you before I go I'll share my current WIP. I'm following Aneela's (Comfortstitching) Pickle dish Quilt along to make a gift for Oliver and Jade's wedding. They asked for pastels so here they are

3 Sisters Simplicity and Aviary. I think I might have done a few too many wedges but hey ho! I'm off to work on it now so happy sewing to you too. Take care. xx


  1. Just a little bit jealous of that Pfaff I must admit!!! I'm saving up for the exact same one!!!

  2. It's mean isn't it? I want that one day :)

  3. I am more than just a little bit jealous of your sewing machine!! I want a new one badly.

  4. I am so jealous of your machine, have fun!

  5. Oh please let me know how you get on. I know the lady at the sewing machine shop is going to try to sell me this ones when I go in. I have read some not so good reviews on t'interweb.

  6. My Mum loves this machine! There's still a lot to learn on it but she's making gorgeous things with it already :)


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