Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Lucky me :)

I've been very spoilt from Christmas onwards so I thought I'd do some gratuitous showing off. I received this lovely black and white mini quilt from Krista who was part of the My favourite little quilt swap. Sign-ups are underway for the second round now if any of you are interested. It's amazing how a completely blind swap has ended with me receiving such a perfect mini quilt. This one will definitely be finding a home in my daughter's bedroom, I have been told!

This was the first year I actually got organised enough to complete a Christmas wishlist and boy did I luck out :) Books for inspiration, yummy fabrics and a Go! Baby...lots of crafty goodness!

Yvonne gifted me this fabulous dresden and hexie cushion and was dedicated enough to be sewing the finishing touches on Christmas morning!!

I had been admiring this Kate Spain Fandango fabric since Yvonne used it in her pillow talk swap cushion so was majorly excited to receive this beauty.

I think it's fair to say I was very sulky at having had to put the sewing machine into hiding for the Christmas period so I decided to remedy this problem and cajoled my poor old hubby into creating me a sewing room. We (OK, 'fess up, hubby with me 'supervising') cleared out our library/family room and moved in the makings of a great crafting space. A fabric and embellishments bookcase:

a cutting and piecing table that's so big there's room for a table top ironing board:

and a sewing table that I can cover up when not in use. This is a funky old table on wheels that can be extended when necessary for bigger projects. There are also shelves underneath for more storage space for my fabrics :)

The new space inspired me to knock up this cushion in an hour or so from an Amy Butler scrap bag I had for Christmas. It's really simple but I think very effective.

I backed it with a mink coloured slub silk and a strip of pieced fabrics.

Then, as if that wasn't enough, the postlady bought me the first of many packages from my post-Christmas online fabric shopping. Yummy!! Dodgy photo but I'm sure you can see enough of the goodies to be jealous ;)

I'm sure these goodies will come in very useful as I've signed up to yet more swaps on flickr. They are so addictive!!


  1. It's so lovely to have your own space where you can leave things out - but if you're anything like me you spend more time looking for things and tidying than you ever do creating!
    Lovely pressies too - must find out what a Go Baby is!

  2. I'm sure the same will be true for me Gill. Our house is full of muddles and if there's a spare flat surface it usually ends up as a muddle holder :) The GO!Baby is by Accuquilt. It cuts fabric with dies so I'm hoping it will inspire me to do more applique as I usually wuss out when I have to do it by hand.

  3. What a great post. Love that you've created your own little special place. I think we sew more when we have a place and don't have to clean up after every sewing stint.
    Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas.
    Hope you have a blessed New Year as well!

  4. Thanks John'aLee, and a blessed New Year to you too :-)

  5. I love all your new fabric purchases - can't wait to see what you make with them.

  6. New fabric is so exciting! I had another new delivery last night! I'll blog it soon :-)

  7. such lovely things. . . oh the things you'll make.

  8. Now my 'problem' is deciding what to make first! :-)


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