Saturday, 25 January 2014

Be still my beating heart

In preparation for Valentine's day I dug out some felt and got creative.
I thought you might like to see the very speedy process I went through to make this "Be still my beating cushion" just in case you fancy making one of your own :) (I would like to point out that the yellow here is actually mustard not garish lemon)
I marked 2 different sized hearts on three different colours of felt with a frixion pen then cut them out.
Then I cut out 9 squares at 5.5".
I centred the hearts on each square block as below...
...then sewed a "straight line" through the centre of the hearts to fix them in place on the block. I made sure that I did some reverse stitching at the beginning and end of each heart for a bit of extra strength.
 I love that the hearts can flap around ;)
Finally I pieced the blocks together and finished the back in the grey felt with a concealed zip, super fast and sufficiently manly in the sturdy felt  :)
Now I can feel smug that I've got that organised already it almost makes up for the myriad other things I've forgotten to organise already this year :) Happy weekend to you all. Catch you soon x


  1. I love your cushion - felt is so yummy!!!

  2. Well done. Now you need to get back to your competition quilt (as I am nosey and want to know what you are going to do next). Di x

  3. Great! I can hopefully get one of these done for my darling by the 14th. Thanks for the mini tutorial.

  4. how romantic but I do not do romance these days. Must look for the frixon pens, do they wash out?

  5. What a fun project. Kids would love this one too!

  6. I love this cushion. Would look great anytime of the year xxx


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