Thursday, 30 January 2014

Now I wasn't expecting that............

...........a first finish for the FAL 2014!!! And it's still only January!!!  I know amazing isn't it?

Now, I'm sure you'll be relieved to hear that this post will only be short.  the reason for it is.. I've been playing nursemaid to Ralph this week as he is home from work with the 'lurgy'!  So, I'm more than usually tired and lightheaded and have developed a bit of a sore throat too.  I know... whinge whinge.  If you can't be cheerful... keep your mouth shut Yvonne.   I promise, now I've told you I won't mention it again. :-)

As I was saying, I've actually finished number 3 on my list for the finish along for 2014.  So, here it is as it was when I added it to my list.
This fabric is one of my favourite collections.  Petit Fleur by Lecien.  I made it up to this point back in 2011 I think and then put it to one side.. just could not decide what to do with it.  It was all hand pieced and hand quilted.  I thought maybe a jewellery roll... nope.  Maybe an Ipad case.... err nope.   A little bag?  Well, yes.... maybe.... except...  Basically I'd messed it up hadn't I?  I hadn't put in any interfacing when I put it all together, only batting.  So it was ... floppy... you know... it had no body to it.  Wasn't really baglike..  If that's even a word! 
Anyway, in the end I decided to just go ahead and make it into a bag, floppy or not!  enough of the procrastination! Just Do It!!!  I made two side gussets and stitched those in by machine, to make it more durable.  There was a little bit of the padded gusset left so I made a teeny tiny bag and attached it to a side panel. I cut out a couple of hearts and sewed them and padded them and attached them to ribbon and looped them around the handle to finish it off.  I'll call it a prototype I think!!  It's pretty and I'll keep my hexie projects in it when I'm working on them.  But there's a lot I'd change about the way it's made. I'm sure you're shouting at me... Well what do you expect when you just jump in without planning it out!!  And you're absolutely right!!  :-) 
I am going to have another go at making something similar.  And I'll think it through next time.  Because I'll know it's going to be a bag from the start.  :-) 
There's been lots going on here on the making front and not just curtains either, though I have made some for the guest bedroom and it's looking very nice in there.  If the lurgy doesn't win out I'll be back soon with pictures of the room and a peek at some of the other projects I've been working on.  I don't know if it's the moving house or having a proper sewing room or what but I've had lots of ideas buzzing round in my head and have started making some of them up. 
So there you go..  one tick on my list of finishes.  See how your encouragement helped me?  Thank you all for it, it does me no end of good. 

Take good care of yourselves and happy sewing.

Yvonne Xxx


  1. Very cute, well done you on your first finish!

  2. Woohoo! Congrats on your first FAL finish. It's very sweet and who cares if it's not interfaced, I'm sure your hexies won't mind. Enjoy it!

  3. This is really pretty and will be perfect for your hexies. Congrats on a finish.

  4. Well done you! pretty one, too!

  5. So pretty! And well done on your first finish! I hope everyone gets better quickly! Jxo

  6. So lovely. Looks fantastic.

  7. Very pretty stitching. I hope that the lurgy leaves your home quickly.
    Di x

  8. Great finish. I've had a finish aswell but not one that was on my list xx


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