Thursday, 16 January 2014

FAL 2014 Q1 - Yvonne's list

..... sigh....  I know a 'nudge' when I see one and this post of Correne's, about Katy's  FAL for 2014, was more of a 'shove' than a 'nudge' !! 

Having said that I have watched other bloggers joining in with the Finish alongs that have been hosted over the last few years and found them inspiring.  It is such a good idea to share with like minded people your plans to finish projects and then look back to see what you have all, hopefully, achieved.  Or at least the steps toward finishing that you have taken.

So, after giving myself a good talking to..... and an agitated encouraging chat with Correne on the phone .... I've decided to join in too.  Please imagine a very scared face here.  It's not that I'm competitive.... much .... it's just that .... I ... prefer to waffle on in my own sweet (?) way.  So no one else can see when I don't achieve my objective!!!  All nonsense I know!!  But hey, what am I making a fuss about?  You're all lovely people and will only encourage me, so it's all good isn't it? :-)  Besides which, I've got a lot of very noisy UFO's and WIP's as this post  told you and they have become even more noisy since the move!!   

Without further ado, here's my list:

1. This is destined to be a cushion.  I've been plodding on with it in the evenings whilst watching tv and it's so close to being done. I told you about it in a previous post, masses of tiny hexies swapped with Helen for scraps of Liberty fabric. The really good thing is that it will be Helen's  finish too as she made all the tiny hexies in the first place!! I hope she's reading this and is impressed. :-)

2. I'm ashamed to say this was started in 2011 as my part of the Fresh Modern Bee 2 on Flickr. In my defence, I did become really ill before the end of the Bee's year and spent eighteen months or so on almost complete bed rest.  I still struggle and am generally very slow making anything but I would LOVE it to be a finished quilt by the end of 2014.

3. Honestly, this should be a quick finish, even for me, if I can just decide what I want to do with it!!!  Some of my favourite fabric ever I think, Lecien's Petit Fleur.

And that's it folks!  I know I know only three!!!!  And one is a long term one too.  But I'm hoping that I will get more confident each quarter...... perhaps?

Now then, I'm off to ask Correne how to do the linky thing with Katy's blog.  No doubt she'll get tired of explaining and do it for me..... At least I'm hoping she will!!!!

Thanks for dropping in.  Take good care of yourselves.

Happy Sewing Xxx


  1. Heh, I see one of you managed it :oD Good luck!

  2. No need to be afraid, you're among friends. It's my first time joining FAL too. Finish or not, what's to worry about? BTW I love that hexie cushion - gorgeous!

  3. 3 nice projects to finish, just take your time and do not overdo it as we do not want you ill again. Wonder how tiny your hexies are. The applique blocks look so good, another technique I need to have a go at sometime

  4. I've never taken part in a finish along either. PLus I've only nominated 3 finishes to be aswell so you are not on your own

  5. Dude, stop worrying! ! I did the finish along the first year it ran. Some quarters I finished everything. Some quarters I finished one thing! No one will smack your knuckles if you don't finish anything, it's a reminder to look at what you already have started, that's all!

    I'd love to see your bee quilt finished, too! It looks really pretty and unusual. Go Yvonne! !

  6. I can't believe how much progress you've made with those hexies; they look wonderful!!! (I do love a finish that partly counts as mine where I have very little to do with the actual work *wink*) Good luck with the FAL - I'm also a plodder so I link up little things that I stand a chance of finishing and then one or two ridiculous projects, just to see how far (or not!) I can get in three months! We'll all be cheering you on!

  7. What lovely projects to work on. If you need help in getting them finished I am sure that Reene will help you (LOL). Di x

  8. I love the hexies, hope that you manage to get them made into a finished item. I've only linked up 3 items too, hoping that gives me a chance of being successful!


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