Friday, 31 January 2014


Excuse the shocking night-time photo but I'm writing this from my sickbed (again!). I just wanted to let you all know how overwhelmed we have been by the response to Jess' notecards! Thank you so much to all of you that have favourited them on etsy and to those of you who dug your hands into your purses/wallets and bought some...words escape us! Jess is currently cooking up some new designs to extend her product range so they should be up and running very soon.
We've requested another print run as it seems we were a little unprepared for the effect on sales that the enabler that is Katy unleashed today! So if you were planning on buying some and find that they are sold out, we are expecting delivery of another batch on Friday 7th February, so not too long to wait :)
Jess has blogged about her excitement at the response here if you're interested. Thank you so much for your support of our wonderful Jess :) Catch you soon x


  1. Brilliant that you need more cards to be printed. Well done Jess. I hope that you feel better soon. Di x

  2. I just found you on the internet due to "I'm a Ginger Monkey", and we have a few things in common. I have a daughter named Jess too and she is 16 now and she has had a hard time in her struggles through life too. She has ADHD with a touch of Autism and has struggled through life, but being a single mom I could not afford to home school her so we have struggled through our "wonderful" school system in Oregon, USA. I just saw your daughters note cards and they are wonderful. I am glad she has found a wonderful thing to do.

    1. sorry to hear your daughter struggles too. Thanks for popping by to encourage Jess :)

  3. Proud mum moment!!!
    Well done Jess xxx

  4. What a great problem to have! I mean Jess' demand on sales, not your illness! Take care my friend! Looking forward to seeing Jess' new designs. Jxo

  5. hope you are feeling better soon and up and about again. Good news that Jess is doing so well with her designs and the sales are rolling in.

  6. Reene, I had to follow the whole link trail to see your daughter's fun cards! Those are a treasure, and would make any quilter's heart sing, wouldn't they? Congratulations, Jess!

  7. Go Jess! That flippin Monkey has done it again!


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