Friday, 3 January 2014 it's many forms.....

Actually, now I think about it... I'm not talking about 'moving' in all it's forms as some are really best left unsaid!  Don't you think?  :-)

Hello folks, as you've no doubt guessed it's me.... Yvonne.  And the New year is barely unwrapped and not a word written in this post and I'd already blotted my copy book!!  As I hadn't told anyone I could have breezed on with you all oblivious but as I'm an honest soul I'll confess.  I thought I'd try not to procrastinate and faff so much this year.  I know stupid idea, I can hear you all laughing from here. 

Anyway, as I was almost saying when I started this post...  we've moved house again.  Nightmare!!  Moving twice in 14 months.  Totally knac  exhausting.  It takes me ages to do things so for probably three months I either had my head in a cupboard or a box or I was on the end of a frustrating phone call cancelling or reconnecting something or other. Twice!!  Hopefully, we won't be doing it ever again. 

Of course it would have been easy if the house and contents were only this big, I had this lot packed away in about three hours!

Instead, it was this big


and took considerably longer.  :-) Our new house was built in 1920 and we are only the third family to own it. We were really happy to find it and make it ours and have lots of plans to make our mark on it. I'll show you our progress if you're interested.

Most exciting of all I have my own sewing room... all to myself.  With lots of shelves and cupboards to put my 'stuff' in...  I have put photos on Instagram but I'll share more here when I've got it all moved out of boxes and plastic crates and onto shelves. Okay... I can't wait ........just a couple for now

Don't they look pretty tied up with lace and ribbon?

                                                                      Some of my Moda stash.

So as you can imagine, not a lot of sewing going on.  A pair of curtains for the sewing room....  makes me smile every time I say it! :-) And a couple of presents for Christmas that were half finished project from last year and the year before ...I think.  One for Correne and one for Jade...


Aneela's Spoonflower Fabric

                                        Backed with Aneela's  Cherry Christmas Fabric for Moda. 


                                        A Thimbleblossoms  Swoon block in Sevenberry fabrics

                                        Backed in this long hoarded Quilt Gate fabric.

And a final photo of my Boxing Day present from Correne and Jess.  You may remember this post and will understand why they thought we might miss the sign so replicated it in fabric.  Flower Sugar fabric no less.... Amazing.... that's what they are.  :-))

Isn't it brilliant?  Ralph was indignant that he was portrayed with a stick when it should be me!  But apart from that it is pretty much how we walk about ... me hanging on and him thinking I'll go quicker if he does!!!!  Never works I might add.. :-)
So that's it, the reasons why I've been quiet the last few months.  Thank you for stopping by and indulging me. Hopefully, now that we are moved I will be more consistent with my posts.  At least, I hope, however, maybe not be so keen?
Take good care of yourselves and happy sewing. Xxx 


  1. Hope you're all settled in soon! I've just been rearranging and redecorating my flat and it's exhausted me!

  2. OK I am in shock (aka jealous) about the wonderful state of your stash, so take it easy - we moved 3 years ago this weekend, and we still haven't unpacked the garage!!

  3. Sewing room heaven! It must have made all that moving worth it. Di x

  4. Hope you are getting well settled in now! Loving the look of your fabric stash! Hope you get lots of fun hours of sewing in your new room! Jxo

  5. every time I move house I say never again! I expect you are all settle and can`t wait to see you sewing room, you have some lovely fabrics there for us to envy

  6. A sewing room is my dream, you lucky lady. Your stash is wonderful and pretty. Mine lives in a box under the bed as we are very short of space. I think my husband knows that if I had a room then I would spend more money filling it with fabric. Enjoy your new home and Happy new year.

    1. Thank you Kay. My husband has given up on commenting on my fabric 'habit'!! I only get the occasional 'What have you bought now?' when a parcel arrives. :-) Happy New year to you too.

  7. Look at your gorgeous (and very neat!) stash - I bet it took ages to get it looking like that! I hope you're not too worn out for some sewing!


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