Tuesday, 30 August 2011

A swap, a sew along and an apron

I recently took part in Little Quilt- Sew, vote, swap over on flickr. It's a really fun swap as you aren't assigned a partner at the start, you just make a mini quilt and submit photos to the swap mama who uploads them to the group. At the end of the swap everyone that has taken part votes on all the submissions and the swap mamas do their magic to assign who gets which quilt. The first round has just ended but sign-ups are underway for the next round already!! Pop over and have a look :) Here's the mini I made, front...
and back.
At the weekend I received this fabulous little mini all the way from Brazil!! Graziella (garota prendada) pieced this beautiful heart and embroidered a sentiment around it that she found on a tea bag! It says "Your greatness is measured by your gifts not your possessions", what a lovely sentiment!
Here it is in it's new home. It's amazing how well it fits in that space when you consider that it wasn't made specifically for me!! Thank you so much Graziella!
This month's project for Amy Butler's Style Stitches Sew along with Bree is the Fringed Hobo Bag. I was rather worried about this one as I had flashbacks to the Cosmo bag which was quite hellish. Happily it was much easier than the Cosmo! Unfortunately I chose a colour scheme which was conducive to a certain teenager's tastes and so my lovely new Fringed Hobo bag is now Jess' lovely new Fringed Hobo bag.
I used good old Ikea fabrics again. The lining is a cityscape type pattern that I used in a floor cushion for Jess' room. I think that might have been what clinched it for her. I used a very pretty mother of pearl and bead trim on one side of the bag so it's not too fringe heavy.
It did only take me about 3 hours to make so I could actually make one for me if I can be bothered at a later stage. Finally here's the apron that I made for Yvonne's birthday :) I must really love her as I cut into some of my precious Heather Ross stash!
Backed with yet another Ikea fabric.
Sorry to have droned on for so long. Hope you're not snoring too loudly!! Catch you soon x


  1. Lovely makes Reene :-) Especially love the bag!

  2. Love it all!!
    The apron is gorgeous - Yvonne if you get that apron dirty, I'll be having words! x

  3. What a gorgeous bag! And your apron is such a lovely gift! I'm sure Yvonne loved it. Jxo

  4. You're absolutely right Judith I do love my apron and I promise I will never get it dirty. I will only ever use it when I'm sewing. Apparently, I forget myself and go out of the house covered in fabric bits! Now I can forget myself and go out in my lovely new apron. :)Xxx

  5. Love it all! I joined the swap group a few days ago - off to investigate the sign-up!

  6. Those little quilts are both wonderful! That swap is tempting, I am still considering joining now or for the next round. And all the other sewing is lovely.


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